Agera Energy Makes Sure to Put Its Customers First

Agera Energy opened in 2014, and it turned out to be the perfect time for a new energy company to launch as people were ready for something different. And, one of the ways that Agera Energy sets itself apart is by focusing on its clients. It makes sure that everyone in the company knows to put them first. And, it always makes sure that its customers know that it provides them with protection and the guidance that they need when it comes to energy.

Agera Energy first acquired one large energy supply company, and then it went on to acquire a few more companies. It has always tried to work with transparency and to show its customers that they can trust it. And it now has nearly 2 million customers because of how well it treats them. Agera Energy always makes sure that its customers get what they want, and it talks with them about their needs when they first come to it rather than trying to convince them to use its services. It trains its employees well and makes sure that everyone is on the same page with putting the customers first and with delivering the best energy possible to them.


Stream Energy: A Company That Believes In Charitable Giving

It is a good thing to give to those who are less fortunate than you. Whether you do it through donations or help out in a hands-on way. You are showing your true heart towards people that really need it. Plus, you are setting an example for your children on how they should be concerning the world. You help to shape their views on volunteering and humanity when you decide to help someone from your heart. Stream Energy is a company that also helps people from their heat and believes in volunteering to show how much they care. In fact, they even have an organization called Stream Cares that has been involved with helping countless people who have through some serious struggles.

Stream Energy has helped people that have been through tornados, hurricanes, and other natural disasters where people were needed to lend a hand. They have also helped a bit in the military. This company has a knack for wanting to reach people and do a good job of knowing what to do to really help out. You may find that they have set the bar high as a company with ethical standards and this will challenge other businesses to do the same.

Stream Energy is a provider of electricity and has its headquarters in Texas. However, they service homes across the United States as well. If you are looking for a better rate per kilowatt than what you have, considering switching to a company that believes in giving back to the community. Also, you can pick a plan that is right for you. Don’t forget to donate if they have an opportunity available for you to do so with their charitable organization Stream Cares. You will find that you have given something that is going to be very appreciative to someone else.

If you need a good energy provider, then Stream Energy is there for you. Why not give the company who has a proven track record of caring for people a chance to be your source of electricity. You will love the rate plan they have.

Hyland’s Teething Tablets Help Make Teething Easier

For parents who have teething children, the process can be difficult. Babies who are teething are often in a lot of pain and that makes things harder for parents. Since babies can get irritable and have difficulty with other things when they’re teething, it’s often important for parents to make sure they can do everything possible to ease the pain. Instead of going to things filled with chemicals or teething toys that just don’t work, parents have the option to use Hyland’s Teething Tablets. These tablets allow babies to start feeling better and might be able to reduce some of the pain that comes from teething. It could make it easier for parents to help reduce their babies’ irritability since they’re not dealing with as much pain. The teething tablets are made to be natural so they’re not as difficult for babies to deal with. Here is more information about Hyland’s Teething Tablets

Hyland’s Teething Tablets are a great way for parents to help their babies feel better while they are teething. Even though the tablets aren’t intended to treat or cure a disease, they can lessen the effects that come from teething. They can make it easier for babies to teeth without the unbearable pain that usually comes with it. Since the company knows what they can do to help reduce these problems naturally for babies, they’re making a great opportunity for people to get help so their children don’t have to suffer anymore with the issues they have.

It’s important for parents to enjoy the opportunities they can get from Hyland’s. The Hyland’s Teething Tablets are different from anything else available on the market and the company makes sure they’re offering everything parents need to continue helping babies who are teething. It’s important for the company to always push to make sure they’re giving people the options they need and that’s an important part of the process. For a long time, Hyland’s Teething Tablets have given people the chances they need to make sure their babies can get help. Since teething can take a long time, this is a great solution for parents who might need help.

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How The Aspire by Boraie Development is a Game Changer in Property Market

New Brunswick is one of the most promising localities in the USA in terms of growth. Over the years, one of the major hindrances has been lack of proper spaces to match with the growing young and trendy population. Boraie Development has, fortunately, be one of the organizations that are rewriting the story of the property market in this part of the USA. One of their latest projects has received one of the best ratings in the property market due to its consistency with the modern needs of an apartment. ‘The Aspire’ is currently the perfect example of what good plans in the hands of a professional and passionate company can turn out.

One of the best aspects of The Aspire is how well designed it is to the need of the young population in New Brunswick. This success indicates that Boraie Development did their homework as far as understanding the city needs are concerned. The apartment is a perfect blend of design without compromising amenities such as gym facilities and ample parking space within the building. Boraie Development also ensured that the property is accommodative to all types of tenants. It is, therefore, the first property of this class to have all types of home spaces without compromising luxury of each space.

Boraie Development is one of the most compassionate property markets of our time. There are different ways a company can assist the general population and redesigning and renovating public spaces is one of the best gifts any company can give people. Six years ago, the company made one of the most documented decision to rehabilitate a Jersey downtown theater. The old theater was a severe condition and deciding to give the space a new look was unmatched. In this particular project, the company collaborated with Shaquille O’Neal. One of the major reasons why Boraie Development decided to be part of $7 million revamp was the impact the theater has had for the last four decades.

The collaboration between the development company and the celebrity was one of the first projects in the deserted Jersey downtowns. The project also served as an indication that Boraie Development is committed to working with other brands in raising the standards of lives and more importantly in the arts scene. For a real estate company to be part of such a big project paints a perfect picture of a passionate company that is interested in the wellbeing of people away from the business world. According to pundits, this is the highest form of compassionate a corporate can be part of in its existence.

Lincolnshire Management May Be At The Top Of The Investment World

Lincolnshire Management may be one of the most successful private equity firms currently operating in the United States; with over three decades in the investment business and over $1.7 billion of private equity funds, it’s easy to see why. The New York City-based company has been a part of roughly 85 acquisitions since it first started trading, but its portfolio isn’t just limited to the acquisition process; in fact, the company also specializes in recapitalizations, corporate divestitures, and management buyouts just to name a few. Read more here

This diversified investment portfolio has served the company well over the past 30 years, with the company growing steadily ever since it was founded in 1986. Just like how the company invests its money, Lincolnshire Management has increasingly diversified the industries in which it invests; this has kept the firm away from many of the risks that are often associated with investing. These industries have included the likes of marine outfitting (with Allison Marine), fluid disposal services (with Dalbo Holdings Inc) and roofing installation (with Latite), among many others. Read more in this article.

This diversity, alongside Lincolnshire Management’s innovative strategies, has had an extremely positive effect on its profits over the past few decades. Currently, the company has its assets split into some different funds; two of these, Lincolnshire Funds II and III, have often been seen in the top 25% of performers in the private equity firm. This accolade has been seen by the company for several years running and shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

Lincolnshire Management is headquartered in New York City but also has a regional office based in Chicago. The company normally takes a collaborative approach with each of the companies that it invests in, working alongside these companies to ensure steady growth and a net increase in their market value. The company has had some notable acquisitions over the three decades that it’s been in business; some of the more notable of these include Credentials Services, Bankruptcy Management Solutions, and Transcraft Corporation. The company is also well known for integrating environmental concerns with its investments and helping to reduce the carbon footprint of many of the companies it works with.

How to Make Use of the Organo Gold Brand

For better health and total wellness, there is no better brand than Organo Gold. The company was started years ago after a team of researchers discovered the benefits of a mushroom known as Ganoderma. Now, the mushroom is used in every single one of the Organo Gold products, allowing people of all ages and all medical needs to utilize this potent and powerful ingredient. The great thing about the company is that they are incredibly well-researched and are able to utilize the ingredient in a way that benefits you totally.

With the vast majority of health products out there, it is great to know that Organo Gold is there to help you out and get you feeling great about yourself. You can finally have the amazing body that you want and need without it becoming a problem. There are also many different products within the Organo Gold line, so you can pick and choose what you want according to your health needs and desires. For a lot of people, it is important to realize that you are able to buy either from the site itself or you can talk to an independent distributor who is going to help out when choosing different types of products. You will love what the Organo Gold brand can do for you and why a lot of people are choosing this for themselves. You can make use of this for your own needs and begin benefiting from what it can do and what it is able to achieve.


The Determination that Earned Nitin Khanna Success

Nitin Khanna known for his determination is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the United States. He is renown in Portland and he is best in Mergers & Acquisitions. He is a successful Investment Banker in the US. Nitin Khanna is one of the people who has cared less about the status quo and rather preferred their own to make a path of his own so that other people could follow. He is an immigrant who has founded his very own technology company and throwing a challenge to the youth and other young entrepreneurs in the country.

Educational Background and Career

Nitin Khanna studied at Lawrence School in Sanawar. He later on, from Purdue, got his Bachelor’s degree and attained Master’s in Industrial Engineering. Nitin Khanna being a risk taker started his own company MergerTech after the trend of M&A deals in the year 2009. The company’s aim was to give M & An advice and more so, provide personal advice to his clients from his past experience from working with M & A. more information about this can be found on this link.  

Before he started his own company, Nitin Khanna became the co-founder of Saber in the year 1998 where the company grew 1200 employees and made more than $ 120 MM worth of returns by the year 2007 and eventually sold it to EDS for $ 460MM. He moved to become the leader in the EDS which by then included Saber and left it in the end when EDS was acquired by HP. The company was at his departure making $330 MM returns and with 1500 workers. This then lead to the creation of and investment known as MergerTech.

Of late Nitin Khanna entrepreneur interests have moved on to the legalization of medical and recreational use of the cannabis, an industry worth $ 100 BB and that is soaring heights from being illegal to being legal. In 2015, he founded the Cure Cannabis Solutions which is the largest in Oregon and is expected to expand to California and Canada.

The Bottom Line

Nitin Khanna is not only devoted to work, but he also loves and has produced movies and DJ gigs, he loves his family and has a keen interest in wines. He believes in being trendy and competing with the speed in which the world is moving. He is also a charismatic, lively, determined, devoted and passionate in everything he does.

See Nitin’s profile here


About InnovaCare.

InnovaCare Health is a leading provider of Medicare Advantage plans and physician practice that boasts a robust well talented and highly proficient leadership team with well over 100 years of expertise in managed care and care delivery. InnovaCare Health under its able leadership of Dr. Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides who have steered it into success and prestige aims at lending a hand to healthcare organizations to beat the demand that threatens to outshine supply in the industry.

Work experience for Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides

This article is based on a trajectory view and dissection on the leadership of Innovacare Health under the stewardship of the two top ranking management officials; Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides.

The foundation of Innovacare was laid by the founding president and chief executive officer, Dr. Rick Shinto in 1998 when he joined the North American Medical Management (NAMM). However, Innovacare was officially born in December 2012 after select properties of NAMM were sold. Initially, Rick Shinto had identified a niche in operational expertise service delivery among physician groups and had opted to work with NAMM towards the provision of quality care and more efficiency.

Before incorporating InnovaCare health solutions, Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkidines had worked previously in a related field and had already gained vast experience in the area. Rick Shinto himself had previously served as the Chief Executive Officer of the following health groups and companies: MMH Healthcare and Areta Inc. Rick Shinto also served as the NAAM, California’s CMO, Chief Operating Officer, and Medical Pathways management company’s CMO. He was the Cal Optima Health Plan’s CMO and as an intern, practiced pulmonology in the South of California. With all these in hand, Dr. Rick Shinto boasts more than twenty years’ experience in clinical and operational healthcare in managed care.

Penelope Kokkinides who is the Chief operating officer at InnovaCare health also had a vast experience field wise before setting her feet in InnovaCare. She boasts over fifteen years of healthcare experience as a specialist in government programs and the managed care industry after successfully serving as the Chief Operating officer at Aveta Inc and Touchstone health. She also served as the corporate vice president for care management and disease management at Ameri Choice where she developed and implemented the healthcare model.

Rick Shinto award.

Rick Shinto got recognized as 2018’s top 25 minority executives in Healthcare. InnovaCare announced its new three leadership changes in July 2016 which were in the inclusion of Penelope Kokkinides.

Stream Energy: Innovation with the creation of “Stream Cares”

After the devastation left behind by Hurricane Harvey in Houston and its surrounding communities, one company, in particular, was ready to step in and lend a hand with the recovery process. Stream Energy in conjunction with their newly developed foundation “Stream Cares” was able to bring much-needed aid to the people hit hardest by this horrible storm. This new venture by Stream Energy is seen as an innovation in how companies give back to their respective communities and the added benefits to those companies. Although corporations have had a reputation of giving back, with almost $19 billion donated in just 2016, often these are not rooted in actual physical labor but a stroke of a pen to other foundations or organizations.

Stream cares is a separate branch of Stream energy with the sole mission to create community outreach as well as formulate future philanthropic ventures that can aid the community. This strategic move by Stream is seen as a win-win situation for both parties as on one hand the community is helped through projects funded by the company and on the other hand Stream’s brand gains respect and loyalty. Today, executives are said to be looking to emulate Stream’s methods, however, what all those other companies lack is the relationship that Stream Energy has with its customers.

The Stream Energy business model is rather simple, yet very effective. Stream associates are tasked with the goal to sign up as many people as possible to Stream services, during this time many of these associates create huge networking groups that bring the brand and individuals closer together. This bond between customer and company create a yearning within the company to volunteer and give back to their customers when hard times hit. There is no doubt that Stream and its employees have changed the game for the better.

The Great Investments of Ryan Seacrest in the Power of Media and Entertainment

Ryan Seacrest is an admiration not only to fans who watch or listen to his shows. He holds distinguished positions on cable television and radio. Among the many roles that have come his way include getting a chance to co-host “Live” with Kelly Ripa on a permanent basis.

His success in his endeavours cannot just be attributed to his self-esteem, dedication and determination to deliver. His entrepreneurial prowess and interest are the key to his success in his endeavours. In fact, American Idol host Ryan Seacrest has been involved in a wide range of entertainment and media corporations. Despite earning good revenue in his ventures, Ryan has also been part of charity initiatives that have chiefly focused on youths and he has influenced many people in the nation.

On radio platform, Ryan Seacrest (@RyanSeacrest) has been magnificent and the top radio host. He is the host of the number of one nationally-controlled LA morning show for iHeart Media 102.7. His interests and endeavours don’t stop there. He is also the executive producer and host of the ABC’s yearly New Year’s Eve program. He is also a part of the team that presents the Emmy Award show on “E! Live from the Red Carpet.

His business mindset has also paid greatly. In 2006, he launched Ryan Seacrest Productions (RSP) and he has been creating scripted, unscripted and digital programs. His company is also behind the widely accepted “E! Live TV series “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” Other shows that Ryan Seacrest has spearheaded their success include Bravo’s “Shahs of Sunset,” “Shades of Blue,” as well as reality series “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution” among others.

From his success in radio and television and other endeavours, Ryan Seacrest has gone on to invest like any other business-minded investor. He has invested in Civic Entertainment Group, a media and entertainment entity. Other ventures include Pinterest, a marketing services company as well as attn:, a respected news media company that target youths.

Besides media and entertainment, Ryan has gone on to try his luck in men’s tailored clothing and one of a kind accessories collections, Ryan Seacrest Distinction available at Macy’s. The radio show host also has dreams of venturing in skincare business and provide skin solutions to millions of men worldwide. Ryan serves as the chairman of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation a charity initiative that educates and enlightens young patients through creative realms of radio, television and internet.

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