Dherbs.com Has A Few New Ideas To Make You Healthy


Dherbs.com is a website/company that sells various products. Before I discuss the company, I want to discuss Dherbs cleanse products because they are some of the most popular products offered by the company.


Dherbs Cleanse (Fully Body Cleanse)

Dherbs.com has various cleansing products for sale, most of which highly reviewed, but the Full Body Cleanse is one of the most popular ones. It is a 20 day program designed to detoxify your body and to rejuvenate and strengthen it. I like this product because it may help people released quite a bit of weight and it enhances the immune system, improves skin complexion and improves energy levels. It also helps with junk food cravings and it helps people clear their mind.

About Dherbs.com

The company is an online alternative medicine store. They specialize in selling various products, which include herbal supplements, herbal remedies and natural remedies. Dherbs doesn’t provide cures for diseases and their mission is to help people return back to nature.



Dherbs sells many products, via their website, such as various cleanses. Asides from the 20 day Full Body Cleanse, they also sell 10 day cleanses and a 10 day colon cleanse.


They have herbal supplements ranging from immunity supplements to anti-viral supplements to weight loss to hair, skin nails and even thyroid supplements. Dherbs has a range of women’s supplements that can help support hormonal balance or for breasts, while some supplements are designed to help with fertility and they sell contraceptives.


As for men’s supplements, they have natural supplements for prostate health and testosterone boosters. Other supplements and products include Alpha Male and Jack Rabbit.


I highly recommend  Dherbs cleanses and other products. Browse their site and see what they have to offer.  But to see if Dherbs.com is right for you, be sure to check them out on CrunchBase, where you can find tons of useful information for personal research.


Bring On The Shea

Shea butter is extracted from the Shea tree, which is mainly found in parts of Africa. It’s color varies based on the nut used and the refinement process. According to many sources, the color becomes lighter the more refined it has been. The more refined the product, the less healing qualities it truly has.

Shea butter in it’s most raw form is full of vitamins A, E, F and K. All of these help our skin in amazing ways. Vitamin E helps balance the skin, vitamin A helps collagen production, vitamin F is said to help revitalize the skin. We all must take note, though, that these qualities are at their highest when we don’t process the butter too much. If we are truly looking for healthy skin options, we must be ready to read the ingredients listed and make sure we are getting pure shea butter for the best experience.

One company who truly cares about the product, and what goes into it is Eu’Genia Shea. Eu’Genia was a woman born in Ghana, being raised by a woman called Comfort. Comfort had a special secret she used as a midwife. Raw, unrefined shea butter. Eu’Genia took this and created a company employing women in developing countries to harvest and extract the shea butter. As Eu’Genia works with these women, giving them safe places to work and earn a living, her daughter began a business selling the shea butter itself.   All of this information on Eu’Genia’s extraction process for shea butter, is available on the About Us – Eu’Genia Shea page.

Eu’Genia has three levels of product to sell. They have the everyday line, the pregnancy line and the dermatological line. These lines are created by the amount of shea that they use in the product. They also offer different scents for everyone to enjoy. The bottom line with this company is that they are offering quality product, while providing above quality work situations for women in Ghana and the US.

Why People Are Going Crazy Over Lime Crime

Since Lime Crime has hit the cosmetic product market, people are literally flying to pick up the variety of products and colors that fit their needs. Lime Crime’s owner and resident blogger, Doe Deere, has made it her passion in life to work with some of the best ingredients possible for the products within her line. What this means for people is that they are able to choose colors that fit their needs and know that what they are buying is high-quality and will give them the looks that are going to last the rest of the time they are wearing them.

One thing that sets Lime Crime apart from so many of the other cosmetic lines out there is the fact that the colors and products found in the line are totally different from anything else you’ll see. This includes blue lipsticks, neon eye shadow palettes and just about anything else that you might fancy. Doe Deere, the owner of Lime Crime, believes that a person should be able to express themselves with colors they like and get away from the boring taboo of always choosing the same colors over and over again just because it is acceptable in modern society. You get to choose lots of products that you will want to wear and know that you are getting something that is made using some of the best ingredients for your skin as well.

Another wonderful thing about the Lime Crime brand is that it does not test on animals and only contains vegan ingredients. This was a passion for Doe Deere and it is why her line is totally and completely vegan to those who are looking to buy something they can feel comfortable using and know that they are not using something that is dangerous to the animals in any way. This is why you might want to consider visiting the Lime Crime website or see what you can find in local boutique stores like UrbanOutfitters in terms of the line and its products that are going to be available to you when you are looking to stock up on your makeup.  For news we recommend checking them out on Tumblr.