Ronald Fowlkes Helps Support Members of Law Enforcement

Since Ronald Fowlkes did everything he could to make sure he was supporting law enforcement officials, he liked learning about the things they could do. He also learned there were things that made a difference for him since it was his idea to keep helping them no matter what. Because Ronald Fowlkes learned the right way to do things, he felt good about what he was giving people and how he was helping them. Ronald Fowlkes felt a big part of the things he did go back to the industry opportunities and the help he could give other law enforcement officials. He always wanted to continue making sure things worked well for other people and that’s the point of helping that allowed him to continue showing people positive opportunities. No matter what Ronald Fowlkes did, he always wanted people to see they could do things the right way on their own.


If Ronald Fowlkes knew how to help, he could keep giving people the positive experiences they needed on their own. He always planned to help others realize they were getting positive things out of the business he started. He also wanted people to realize they had better chances working with law enforcement officials than they did with anyone else in the industry. It was his goal of helping that made it easy for him to make positive choices in everything he did. Ronald Fowlkes liked law enforcement and that’s why he kept doing great things with the law enforcement opportunities he had. He wanted others to realize they had someone similar who could do more to keep helping with these experiences.


After Ronald Fowlkes retired from law enforcement, he still wanted to help other people with the issues they had. He saw his job as something he could help people benefit from and that’s why he always made things better for the people he worked with. There were times when he knew he had to keep doing the right thing and that’s what made it easy for Ronald Fowlkes to change different options for everyone he worked with.


When Ronald Fowlkes made the decision to start offering positive experiences for everyone who needed them, he knew there were things that would keep helping him see positive success in law enforcement. There were so many different things that made it easier for Ronald Fowlkes to try everything on his own and he knew what it would mean in the future if he could keep doing things the right way. He always looked at how he could help people so he gave them a chance to make a difference. Even the new company he started helps law enforcement officials have the tools they need to succeed.


Shervin Pishevar And The Dow Jones Market

Some people are able to predict the market better than others. Shervin Pishevar has made a lot of his fortune from his ability to predict which tech companies will be the most successful. As an early investor in such companies as Uber and Airbnb, it’s no surprise that he has a few predictions about the market in the U.S.

His Predictions

On February 5, Shervin Pishevar tweeted that he had a few thoughts on financial storms that were brewing. He made a prediction that there would be an aggregate 6000 point drop in the coming months.

What Shervin Pishevar was not without some background information. He had 49 additional tweets worth of thoughts, which included how the market has already given up its gains of 2018 and how interest rates are on the rise.

Shervin also explains how the bond market isn’t as deep as it was once believed to be and how many asset classes are being overvalued.

The Dow Jones

The tweets that Shervin Pishevar sent out took a total of 21 hours to be sent. Within 24 hours of those tweets being sent, which were predictions of the economy, the Dow Jones began to crash. Further, S&P was scrambling to find their footing.

In just half an hour, the Dow fell 500 points. While it still has a ways to go to make up the full 6000 points that Shervin Pishevar predicted it would fall in the coming months, it’s certainly headed there. There was a massive sell-off and it was obvious that the markets were nervous.

Industrials, bonds, and indices were not safe. They still aren’t.

It’s unclear as to what made the markets so nervous, but the comments made by Shervin Pishevar on Twitter certainly didn’t help matters. It may be a sign that he is quite capable of spotting trends early on.

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Looking Into the Impressive Life of Ronald Fowlkes

Background matters. There’s little doubt that some things are important enough that one needs to really look into it. And when one examines some of the most important goods and services one name has a good chance of coming up.


Ronald Fowlkes might not be a name that comes up a lot in most people’s conversation. But those who have looking into the most vital parts of their life might well know about him. There’s good reason why Ronald Fowlkes is so memorable too. He’s the business development manager of Eagle Industries Unlimited. He has over 150 people working under him at the moment.


And managing that many people within any capacity would be difficult. But his specialty is law enforcement products and commercial items with similar operating parameters. This is obviously not something to take lightly. People quite literally put their lives on the line with these products. And that’s one of the biggest reasons why one might know about Ronald Fowlkes.


But the more one looks into his past the more obvious it becomes that he’s someone to depend on. Just to begin with, he was Department of Defense Contractor in Iraq. This was while he was working with JIEDDO (Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization) in conjugation with the United States Army. Most of those credentials would be impressive even in isolation from the others Even if one were looking at end responsibilities without the big names it’d be rather impressive. But taken as a whole it says something vitally important.


Looking at a track record like that instantly says that one can trust him. One can assume that by looking at his current responsibilities. But everyone is in large measure a product of past actions and responsibilities.


The fact that some of the most elite organizations in the world trusted him for a lengthy period of time is important. And the fact that this occurred within a rather difficult period of world history says it as well.


The simple fact is that people in some of the most dangerous areas trusted him with their lives. And the lives of the people who, in turn, depended on them. An entire chain of command was able to function, survive, and even thrive thanks to the actions of Ronald Fowlkes. And of course along with that comes Ronald’s extreme level of skill and knowledge.


This was true at the time. But since then he’s gone on to bring even more accumulated expertise to the table. He was obviously someone with respectable skills at the time. But since then he’s brought all that skill together with experience that simply can’t be gained elsewhere. And this brings an amazing amount of credit to any task that he brings into his life.


Stream Energy, Leading Renewable Energy Provider Empowers Its Female Leaders To Shine At The Annual Retreat

Stream Energy, although a relative new-comer in the renewable energy sector, has successfully established itself as one of the leaders that contribute to the lives of its customers while cleaning up the environment. This natural energy direct seller has ensured that thousands of customers get affordable and eco-friendly solutions for their homes and offices. This company believes in harnessing the unleashed powers of Nature while cleaning up the planet one home at a time. Get details on Stream Energy at


As pioneers in the sector of renewable energy, the leaders of Stream Energy, believe with conviction that, for them to excel at their jobs, their teams need to be able to understand each other during business hours as well as trust each other and communicate their objectives in more than just an acceptable way. To reach this goal, Stream Energy conducts annual retreats every year, and this year’s retreat was held over the weekend for the Women Of Power group. The team outing had an exciting theme, “’Shine” as it aimed to help the female leaders working for Stream Energy be better versions of themselves without having to compromise of what makes them great leaders, their true selves. Learn more about Stream Energy at GCReport.


The sole intention of this year’s annual retreat was to help their company’s female leaders, understand ways and means of building their self-confidence as well as help their teammates develop similar confidence levels. This was done through various confidence boosting activities and workshops led by renowned authors and other important people who have achieved success and were willing to share their insights. The presentations held during the seminars elaborated on various ways to visualize goals better especially in the business environment. Effective techniques that allow participants to develop various new skills based on communication and cultivating the art of implanting these skills while in a live setting were also highlighted during this retreat.


The result of the weekend was that the female leaders that had walked into the venue honing certain skills had come out of the same venue two days later, equipped with a new skill set to better themselves while helping their customers get the needed solutions for a clean and green life.


Louis Chenevert’s Legacy Continues to Take UTC to New Heights

Louis R. Chenevert is known for being a Canadian businessman. He was born in 1958 and retired from being the Chief Executive Officer of UTC. Another role that he held was President of Pratt & Whitney Canada. Chenevert started his career after he received his bachelor of Commerce degree from HEC Montreal, the business school that is affiliated with the University of Montreal. In March of 2006, Chenevert was chosen to be the Chief Operating Officer and the President at UTC. In 1991 he was then elected to be the president of Pray & Whitney. This position was offered to him after he had been working with Pratt & Whitney for over six years. Before being offered this position he had worked 24 years at General Motors.
United Technologies is known for assembling the world’s most advanced jet engines for both military users and commercial. Their job does not stop there though. UTC is also known for operating the world’s biggest escalator and elevator company. Louis Chenevert was chosen to be the CEO of UTC during the subprime recession. During just this week UTC’s share price was able to raise from being $37 to $117. There is no doubt that Louis Chenevert took United Technologies Corporation to new heights.
In 2009 he was honored as being the recipient of the Honor Award from the National Building Museum. Then, in 2011, Chenevert was named as being Person of the Year in U.S. Aviation Trade Magazine. In 2015, Chenevert began serving as the Exclusive Advisor in the Merchant Banking Division. At this point, it is safe to say that Chenevert is one busy businessman.
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Robert Santiago Develops the Largest Shopping Complex in Brazil, Manaira Mall

Robert Santiago is a Brazilian entrepreneur and the brain behind the biggest shopping mall in Joao Pessoa, Manaira Mall. He began his career in a cartonnage firm that specialized in designing and making cardboard cartons and then sold to various companies. Santiago later decided to venture into real estate business where he purchased a large land in Joao Pessoa. In the year 1989, he developed on that land a crown jewel in the city and named it Manaira shopping mall. Santiago is a holder of a degree in Business Administration from the University Center of Joao Pessoa. He also attended Pio X Marist College.

The construction of the extravagant Manaira Mall began in the year 1987, and after only two years it was ready for business. The mall holds a lot of shopping options including a large food court, a theater, a rooftop hall for concerts, games, a gym, a college as well as banks. The mall is the largest in Brazil and never lacks people going in and out on a daily basis. The rooftop concert hall is well air-conditioned and has a huge capacity of about 4,000 seated individuals and 10,000 standing. The hall is not only used for concerts, but also for other private events such as exhibitions, trade fairs, large conferences and weddings among others. Since the hall was specifically built for concert performances and other theatrical productions, it is highly equipped with advanced sound equipment and acoustics.

Entertainment is also taken care of at Manaira shopping mall because they have a theater featuring latest shows and several gaming options. Games include bowling and a fully equipped electronic amusement park. Food is also catered for since the year 2008 where the food court was expanded into a full-service restaurant that accommodates everyone depending on your appetite and budget.

Almost everyone in the city has something to enjoy or see in the shopping complex. You will find merchants selling different items such as clothing, furniture, books, jewelry, sports items and many others. Students are also considered because a higher education college has its space along with a fitness center and financial institutions.

Roberto Santiago has been working on developing Manaira shopping mall for the last 20 years in ways that every customer gets satisfied. The concert hall has attracted talented music bands from Brazil as well as from other nations who may be without the hall would not have come. The community has received support from Santiago through the provision of cultural experience at the mall. Read more on TripAdvisor

Cotemar – Enhancing the Oil Industries Beyond Mexico

Cotemar is a Mexican business that provides services within the oil and energy industry. It was established in 1979 and is headquartered in Campeche, Mexico. It is a private company employing over 10 000 highly skilled professionals. It provides services to offshore oil fields and PEMEX through sturdy transports.



The History and Values of Cotemar


Cotemar had initiated operation in 1979 at Campeche Bay. In the year of 1979, Cotemar S.A. de C.V. initiated its operation in two prime strategic lines. The first strategic line was catering and accommodation while the second was as specialized transport vessels. With its first establishment, Cotemar was able to procure its initial personnel transports, maintenance and dive within the industry. In 1981, it achieved a market leader position by augmenting transport vessels to specify the conveyance of recruits and materials. In 1985, it was able to accomplish its initial rig to serve and accommodate with the finest services. In 1988, this company extended its fleets further to 3 specialized vessels and 5 rigs so that it can provide additional services to the ones provided before simultaneously. It additionally began to provide maintenance and construction services. With the expansion in 1988, the company faced further expansion with a stronger market position in 1996. The year, 2002 marked the arrival of Hibernia. In 2012, this company increased its fleet to a larger extent by adding specialized equipment like cranes to in order to allow the transport of both solid and liquid materials. This led them to combine with COSCO in order to build two semi-submergible rigs. In 2013, it began constructing on Atlantis. In 2015, Cotemar entered the onshore upstream sector. In 2016, a contract was won by a subsidiary of Cotemar.



Cotemar implements the values of integrity, humility, reliability and innovation in its business ventures to bring maximum satisfaction to its clients.



Services Offered by Cotemar


Cotemar mainly operates in specialized marine vessels, marine upkeep, food and lodging, engineering, oilfield development, offshore operations and air transportation. It contributes to the development of offshore oil sectors by producing organic compounds through efficient procedures that involve the most competent professionals and cutting-edge technology. It offers services ranging in prefab, running jobs and assembling as well as appointing service lines.

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Omar Boraie Establishes Boraie Development – January 2017 Update

UPDATE — January 20th 2017 — Trust Donates to Rutgers Cancer Institute

Omar Boraie founded the Boraie Development LLC after finding a way to Real Estate. He migrated from Egypt and arrived in New Brunswick 50 years ago to earn his Doctorate in chemistry. The Boraie Development deals in property management, marketing/ sales, and real estate development. The company also works with contractors, architects, and financial institutions to complete projects. They are dedicated to providing unparalleled service on through their expert team. The company is very particular about deadlines and gives all efforts to complete the projects successfully, well ahead of the deadline.

Real Estate Development
Boraie Development is devoted to employing its capital, vision, and reliability to every project that they handle. They hold a successful track record of more than 30 years and remain as a highly sought after developers on Their primary funding remains the same from commercial banks which are private capital sources for the various projects. Their projects are meant to attract financial, residents and tenants who understand and realize the value of long-term ownership commitment.

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Property Management
One of the most vital aspects of Boraie Development’s plan is the management of the properties. It gives them the ability to build value for the assets. On an ongoing basis, they undertake physical improvements and also ensure that their assets are well-maintained. Some of their property management includes marketing, customer service, accounting, administration, maintenance, and leasing.

Sales Marketing
Boraie Development LLC has also sold more than $150 million in commercial land residential transactions through Boraie Realty Subsidiary. Development and property management are integrated with the Sales division to understand the residential and commercial factors better. It helps in keeping the local sales knowledge, which is essential for the development activities.

The New Jersey urban developers on have about 11-50 employees. Omar is part of the company together with his sons Sam and Wasseem, and his daughter Hiam, and they play a vital role in its development. Over the years, Rutgers, The Aspire, Hospital and Johnson & Johnson are some of the achievements that have been accomplished by him so far. He is a visionary who has also envisioned many buildings and has seen its completion eventually. They provide residential, commercial and retail buildings that are built to suit the need of the clientele. Every step taken is overseen by experts who work on the field on a regular basis. They are the ideal real estate developers.

The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority on Current Issues

Just like other large Metropolitan Areas in the United States, Central Austin is also facing traffic congestion problems. Recently, public institutions such as Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority has helped Austin cope with traffic problems in Travis and Williamson counties. Despite the ongoing development and achievements in streamlining traffic issues, policymakers and prominent civil engineers agree that Central Austin will continue to face traffic issues due to its population growth.


To discuss the issue, Mike Heiligenstein from the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, RideScout LLC founder Joseph Kopser, Uber’s Leandre Johns, and Argo Design’s Jared Ficklin gathered at the Sheratan Convention Center. The discussion focused on the technological aspects of transportation and its impact on local regions such as Austin and large Metropolitan areas around the globe. Regarding the immediate impact of transportation in Central Austin and its suburbs, Mike Heiligenstein of CTRMA insisted that the area will need to build additional road networks besides integrating technology.


According to Mike, future technologies such as ride sharing services, driver-less cars and smart garages are not the solution to traffic congestion. Instead, these solutions will need to be integrated with improved road network infrastructure to provide a practical solution for the traffic, in the future. As such, he suggested that Central Austin and other Metropolitan Areas must think about capacity building. The capacity building involves building and expanding existing roads to meet the demands of future transportation ideas.


Capacity building is also important because future technologies such as driver-less cars will also need additional roads and express lanes. Without specialized lanes and additional roads, drive-less cars will not be effective in coping with the population growth rate of the Austin area. Similarly, the government will also need to provide flexible laws for future technologies to works. Accordingly, new laws should be crafted for smart garages and charging stations that will be built to serve future car models on the existing infrastructure. Therefore, policymakers must think about capacity building of existing road networks rather than trying to solve traffic problems by using the technology, alone.


It is notable that Mike Heiligenstein is the Executive Director of Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. CTRMA is an independent government body, which oversees and controls transportation system in Travis and Williamson Countries. Under the supervision of Mike Heiligenstein, CTRMA has already built efficient road networks in these counties. Mike has also served the County for over 23 years. His achievements include the introduction of all-electronic, cashless toll collection, 183A in Williamson County.

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Arena Mineirão Receives Platinum Leed Certification Seal

Construcap is a well-known Brazilian construction company. The institution was founded in the year 1994, and since then, it has completed several projects. The company currently serves several industries. Some of these include power, oil, and gas, automotive and manufacturing, infrastructure, mining, and metals. The company has done quite well since it was started, reporting a revenue of one billion. The organization gives twelve thousand employment opportunities to individuals in the country. Construcap has earned the respect of many people for having a constant concern in social responsibilities. The institution has a lot of respect for the environment too.

The Arena Mineirão is one of the biggest projects that were successfully completed by Construcap since it was founded several years ago. The project was concluded in the year 2013, and it recently announced that it had received the Platinum Leed Certification Seal. The special seal is considered the primary method of certification in the modern times for the projects that have complied with the principles of sustainability during construction. This is good news for the project owners and the construction company that was in charge of the project.

The body that is charged with the responsibility of certifying construction projects in Brazil is known as the US Green Building Council. It is very important for the buildings in the country to get the seal in order to be correctly certified. Without the certification, the construction company gets into serious legal battles.

The seal is applied through the Leed Online Platform. After a successful registration, the structure is monitored from the begging to the end to ensure that certain principles and actions are followed. For a project to get the seal, it must fulfill the sustainability criteria. Some of these include the rational use of water, reuse or recycling of the materials, energy efficacy, quality indoor environment and technology innovation.

After a project has received the seal, it is considered to be safer for the people living in it. Getting the certification is not a walk in the park. The whole process takes several years, and it can be exhausting for the concerned parties.