Bringing Two Apparently Opposing Topics Together

If there is one thing that Chris Burch is good about, it is bringing two seemingly opposing concepts together. One example of this is creativity and productivity. People often think that they actually clash with each other. One of the reasons why they are believed to clash is that there seems to be some misconceptions about the two concepts. On one hand, people think creativity is all about sitting around and coming up with ideas. At the same time, productivity means just getting stuff done. People often believe that productivity could actually stifle creativity. However, there are ways to make the two work together for something really good.  Have a glimpse to one of his awesome and notable investment, check

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One of the suggestions that Chris Burch has when it comes to blending creativity and productivity is using valuable time management. While it can be very challenging to limit brainstorming to one hour, it can be very helpful in order to do so. This could bring more success to the productivity aspect of getting work done. This could also help for whenever one comes up with a new idea that could be very effective. One thing that is important is the ability think on one’s own feet.

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Chris Burch also understands the importance of memory. For one thing, ideas often disappear as quickly as they are conceptualized. Therefore, it is important to write these ideas down. One thing that will help when it comes to brainstorming is to have a pen and a piece of paper to use in the case that one comes up with an idea that he is interested in using. Once he writes it down, then he could store it where he could remember so that he could look at his notes again.  Read more of his insights on this article on   When he looks through the ideas, then he will remember and be compelled to give those ideas a try.  For more of him and his diverse business investments, head over to

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