Argentina and Highland capital Management benefits from Dondero Skills and Professionalism

James Dondero, the president and the co-founder of Highland capital management has geared in significant effort towards realizing the organization success. James corporate expertise is seen in the way he manages the firms operations and the way he oversees the success of the organization investment strategies. His skills and professionalism are acquired from his wide corporate engagement including his over thirty years’ experience as a credit manager.

James has proved himself as an innovative leader who has enabled Highland capital management to raise assets worth $ 19 Billion. To realize this achievement, it has taken Dondero a critical financial analysis and strategic investment in credit hedge funds particularly in the emerging markets. Therefore, it is anticipated that Highland Capital management (HCM) will realize a handful returns from Argentina security market.

James has made a decision to have HCM invest in Argentina security market. He is optimistic that the debts of the country will reduce thus the company will be able to sell its bonds making a profit of 7 to 8 percent. In fact, HCM is among the first companies to make annual returns for Argentina bonds. This is important because the firm has been able to reduce its losses in various investments such as the energy sector.

James academic qualifications and skills are reflected in the corporate world whereby he has properly run businesses from start up to maturity. For instance, he worked as a chief investment officer for GIC subsidiary company. Under his leadership, the company was able to raise its entity of two billion UD dollars within a period of five years. Besides being a good manager, James has also show great interest towards corporate investment.

From his entrepreneurial skills and knowledge, Dondero has been sourced to work as a portfolio manager for different companies in America. Consequently, he is a man who is motivated to give back to the society. In this regard, he has warned the Argentina government of the recession that is likely to hit the country. In order to avoid current crises, he advises that the country should look for capital access to mitigate the on-rise debt situation.


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  1. In such manner, since HCM was established in 1993, James has contributed as well as he has offered significant money related and creative beneficial answer for customers and additionally the market. This is truly what australian writings should have championed for a long time ago but they did not but I think now is the time to correct their mistakes in the past.

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