Anthony Masala, the Co-Founder, and CEO of Madison Street Capital is Reward as a Top Professional

Anthony Marsala, the co-founder, and chief executive officer of Madison Street Capital has been recognized as the top professionals under the age of 40 by a leading organization in evaluating finance professionals. It is a practice of each year where the organization recognizes the different investment professionals and how they have contributed and accomplished in the world of finance. The list of top finance professionals is selected with a significant criterion that selects the final candidates. Some of the qualities used to choose the top professionals are; vision, leadership, and superior performance.


The reason Marsala’s selection was remarkable was that he was selected among the top 100 candidates. It has, therefore, has made him stand out among the top finance professionals. His road to becoming a top professional began with the study in college where he eventually graduated with a degree in finance. He then landed a job where he specialized in mergers and acquisitions, consulting and corporate finance. It was the experience that eventually led him to start his own investment banking firm. Madison Street Capital was the next thing he formed and developed it as the leading financial services company. The company has gained in reputation as the leading firm in financial market and is currently serving the needs of businesses throughout the entire world.


The success of Madison Street Capital has been possible due of the international presence and provision of the high-quality financial services for various businesses. The main activities of the company include evaluating businesses, raising capital for businesses, and making mergers with other companies as it seeks to expand its base for products and services. The firm also specializes in investment banking with the aim of offering businesses with some services in corporate finance.


Madison Street Capital provides specific services in almost every industry. The company is specialized to provide financial services to all sizes of businesses including consulting, business valuation, and mergers and acquisitions. Most of the firms that benefit from Madison Street Capital’s assistance include those in industries such as technology, biotech, wholesale distribution, medical services, agriculture, and pharmaceutical products and services. With vast experience in offering services to wide range of industries, Madison Street Capital can reach their maximum financial potential.


Madison Street Capital is a company that believes in developing strong business within communities in the U.S. Madison Street Capital donates to organizations like United Way to make a different in both local and global communities. United Way is based in Alexandria, Virginia and it utilizes its strong public engagement capacity to mobilize and improve the lives of the community. Integrity is essential for Madison Street Capital, and they use it as the key driver of their business activities.

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