American Express Target on Millenniums and Old Clients to Rebuild Their Brand

Mr. Stephen Squeri is a man with a heavy burden on his shoulder. Even as he takes the top job as the Chief Executive Officer at one of the biggest companies in America, the American Express, he is tasked with a responsibility of helping the company grow by attracting the millenniums and keeping the rich. Chris Burch is one of the few major investors the companies has just lost in the recent past and comes during a transitional period with the company’s change of guard from Mr. Kenneth Chenault to his successor, Stephen. Undoubtedly this is one of the biggest blows since having been part of the business from 1979. Mr. Burch who was among the 2014 Forbes list of millionaires shifts gears to JP Morgan.

Since it is normal for businesses to lose their shareholders, this is something the giant American card service provider did not anticipate and more so coming from one of its long time customers. Coming into the picture, the new CEO has a tall order with the first business of the day is proving his capabilities by building the image of the card company and maintaining its client base. Amidst the stiff competition, this is something Mr. Stephen is determined to achieve at all costs.

In the recent past, American card express has faced lots of competitions more so from major banks; this, however, has not stopped the company from achieving its goals. According to the outgoing CEO, Mr. Kenneth innovating their products and services has been a priority that they have taken very seriously. This has allowed them to serve better their different clients. If Mr. Stephen Squeri is to continue on the success path of his predecessor, then innovation is the strategy that will help him sell their services to the millenniums.

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