Accusations Made Against San Francisco District Attorney

District Attorney, George Gascon, is now under fire with accusations of racism. His accuser, Gary Delagnes is the former president of the Police Officiers Association, or the POA of the San Francisco area.


According to, Delagnes spent 25 years on the force and retired in 2013, stepping down as president of the POA. Gascon, also a former chief of police, was elected as District Attorney in 2011. Seeing that these individuals share such a similar background, it came as a surprise when Delagnes lashed out with allegations that Gascon made such racially disparaging remarks.


Specifically, Delagnes speaks about a particular day in 2010. Along with himself and George Gascon, current POA President Martin Halloran was also in attendance. The event was a police union leadership forum organized by Harvard Law School.


Delagnes portrays the evening as a drunken Gascon disparaging minorities. “He became so loud and animated that an African American patron approached Chief Gascon and asked him to restrain himself because his behavior was offending his family,” Delagnes tells reporters. Martin Halloran backs up Delagnes claims, but refused to go into detail unless he was called on to testify as a witness against Gascon.


Despite this one instance, Delagnes says that through the years of the two working together, Gascon never once said anything that lead him to think that Gascon believed racial issues afflicted the San Francisco Police Department. Now that Gascon is no longer police chief, as he was during the controversial statements made in 2010, and throughout the time he worked closely with Delagnes, his views have changed. Delanges claims Gascon complains about an old boys’ network even though his staff was almost entirely made up of graduates of San Francisco Catholic schools.


Spokesman of the district attorney’s office commented on the allegations, “What he lacks in credibility, he makes up for in imagination,” sending his own shots at the former POA Preisdent, Gary Delagnes.

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  1. You wonder when will racism become a talk of the past but them the devil in it is the history of terrible lack of humanity. Let it be but should always be a place for us to get equality and justice. If the jury take a strong stands, I think the justice system will be fairer and deal with new face of racism.

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