Igor Cornelsen Has Accomplished Great Things In The Financial Industry

Igor Cornelsen is a man of many skills and talents but as an experienced investor, he has claimed many different achievements in Brazilian banking working as a consultant over the years. The major fast food franchise Burger King sought out Igor for his expertise to increase their revenue. Although Igor has been semi-retired since 2010, he founded and is currently working at Bainbridge Inc., based out of Florida in the United States. When Igor can’t be found at his second home in Florida, he is typically in Brazil. No matter which country Igor Cornelsen is in, he is regularly maintaining his investments, partnerships, client portfolios, and stocks. Check ireport.cnn to know more about Igor Cornelsen

Brazilian and American actively seek Igor out to ask him advice on various aspects of the industry because of his talent to spot patterns and foreseeing where the markets are headed. Igor even finds time for sharing his knowledge with the public through social media platforms on wise investing and how to be profitable in the long term. Igor Cornelsen states its best to bypass a failing company but rather target a falling stock, this is because the stock in question will inescapably return to where its supposed to as long as the business is stable or growing.

Economies like China are very similar to Brazil’s according to Igor, and with Mr. Cornelsen being the top trading partner in his home country of Brazil, he is a powerful advocate to merge and invest with China. Since semi-retired and only doing light work by managing his investments, clients, and sharing his insights, Mr. Cornelsen still finds time for his recreational passion, golf. Igor has golfed all over Brazil and Florida these days alongside friends and colleagues. They say Igor has developed quite a skill for golf, and he still plans to continue to golf long into retirement.

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Jeremy Goldstein: Fighting for Reason

Jeremy Goldstein is one of the most established business lawyers in New York. New York is a corporate capital, and many corporations are headquartered there; a lot of lawyers compete for New York’s top position. Unfortunately for all the rest, Jeremy Goldstein holds the honor of number-one lawyer and plans on holding that title for a long time.

The list of Jeremy Goldstein’s accomplishments and currently ranking positions is beyond amazing. After passing the bar, he worked for a law firm similar to the one he established himself. Jeremy Goldstein also serves on the Mergers and Acquisition Subcommittee of the Executive Compensation Committee of the American Bar Association Business Section.

When he’s not working on a major case, he splits his time between his family and several charitable organizations in his community. He works with several, including Make-AWish Foundation of Metro New York, but spends most of his time working with Fountain House, a charitable organization dedicated to the recovery of patients with mental illness.

No matter how hectic his schedule gets, he makes sure to work with charities throughout the year. Currently, he spends a lot of time advising corporations on their employee benefits method. Over the years, many corporations stopped offering stock options.

This is something that Jeremy Goldstein believes is a mistake. He’s not saying that every company should offer stock options, for some, that’s not an achievable option. Most corporations stopped offering stock options because people don’t understand the markets like the generations before them.

Most employees want more direct and understandable benefits; stocks options are too unpredictable and costly. Stock options don’t carry the same weight they did ten years ago, and corporations are finding more preferable options that are easier to provide. Offering higher salaries or equities is becoming more popular every day.

As more corporations turn away from stock options, Jeremy Goldstein reminds them that stock options make employees personally invested in the company, meaning they might work harder to ensure the company’s success.

Regardless of how easy something may seem, Jeremy Goldstein and other experts like him want people to understand that stock options have more advantages than other benefits for most companies. Like all employee benefits, stock options are best discussed with that company’s lawyer and accountant to choose the best option available. Learn more: http://clsbluesky.law.columbia.edu/author/jeremy-l-goldstein/

Matt Badiali& Banyan Hill

Matt Badiali’s Career History & Background

With the many successful businessmen, entrepreneurs and financial experts that there are in the world, perhaps none have been as quick of an impact as has Matt Badiali been in his career. Having a start in the different career before finding a career as a financial expert, Matt Badiali did not have the same start as most of his peers. Nonetheless, Matt Badiali has still managed to make a name for himself in one of the most difficult fields to work in. Not to mention the competitiveness that the financial and business industry has, and it truly is amazing to reflect on what Matt Badiali has accomplished in his career. In addition to that, when we consider how much relationships and connections he has created along with his career and, it really is no surprise that he has had such a quick and impactful influence in his area of expertise. In fact, by many of his peers, he is already seen as one of the most prominent individuals working in his specific area. Also, by having such a well-rounded career resume, Matt Badiali has also quickly worked his way up towards the top of his field. Needless to say, the way things are going for Matt Badiali, he will be one of the most highly-regarded professionals of his time. With that said, here is more on Matt Badiali and just one of his many successful ventures that have benefited along the way.

More on Matt Badiali& His Role at Banyan Hill

As alluded to before, there are many ways Matt Badiali has had success in such a short period of time. As a true working professional, he has diversified his carer into multiple areas. However, perhaps his most successful and recognized accomplishment has come from his contributions at Banyan Hill. Banyan Hill, which is one of the nations best sources for safe and reliable investing and financial advice, has seen tremendous growth from Matt Badiali’s valued efforts at the company. As senior editor and prominent executive at the company, Matt Badiali himself has benefited from his position there in ways he never imagined. Together, Matt Badiali and Banyan Hill have become one of if not the best combination of company and company leader. All in all, Matt Badiali was destined to thrive as a financial expert. There is no denying that he will continue to succeed at Banyan Hill as he always has. See this Link: https://banyanhill.com/exclusives/freedom-checks-scam-or-real-deal/

Paul Mampilly is On a Mission

Paul Mampilly runs the Profits Unlimited newsletter. There are close to one hundred thousand subscribers to this newsletter. It is immensely popular among investors from all walks of life. The truth is that Paul Mampilly knows what he is talking about. He also has thousands of likes on Facebook, and his average Facebook rating is 4.5 stars.

According to Release Fact, Paul Mampilly’s newsletter has struck a chord among investors. This includes experienced investors who have spent years on Wall Street and the average Main Street American investor who is just getting started with investing his or her money. Paul Mampilly’s newsletter has quickly amassed over ninety thousand subscribers. It is now one of the most well known newsletters. It is put out by Banyan Hill Publishing, which used to go under the name The Sovereign Society.

Although all kinds of investors subscribe to his newsletter, Paul Mampilly gears his advice towards new investors. He wants to help out the average American who is looking for a way to improve his or her life by investing in good investment opportunities so that he or she can be prepared when it comes time to retire. Follow Paul Mampilly on Twitter.

The truth is that the industry in general is declining. More and more newsletters, especially print newsletters, are losing subscribers and are going out of business. The continued growth of Paul Mampilly’s Profits Unlimited newsletter is a clear sign in the interest people have for his advice. That Paul Mampilly is successful while others are not is no surprise, given his track record. He has always been known for his wise investment choices and for being able to gain a very profitable return on investment. This has been true even when the rest of the country was going through a financial recession.

Paul Mampilly is known for giving advice that is designed to benefit the reader. He does not have any other interests or motives in mind. He simply wants to help out his readers. He wants to help people grow a solid portfolio of stocks and other investments so that they can live a life that is financially secure. This is one of the reasons why his newsletter is so popular. Polls show that fewer Americans hold stocks than before the recession, and Paul Mampilly is on a mission to change that. You can learn more about Paul Mampilly by visiting: https://paulmampillyguru.com/

Igor Cornelsen Banking Expertise

Igor Cornelsen was born in 1947. His fatherland is Brazil. He initially joined engineering school, but left to join the school of economics. He excelled in college. Igor started working for an investment bank after his graduation. Igor possesses a lot of knowledge in economic and mathematical computations. He has vast experience in banking. The experience comes from his many years of work in the banking industry. Igor has worked for many top banks around the world. See more of Igor Cornelsen at resumonk.com

Cornelsen was promoted continually to the top management level. His banking career is enviable. Cornelsen quit his illustrious banking to pursue his own interests. He founded his own investment bank. He uses the skills and experiences he acquired during his employment to improve his decision making. He believes that a continuous accumulation of knowledge improves ventures. He continually improves his investment and banking knowledge. Cornelsen notes that everyone should make prudent investment decisions.

Igor Cornelsen has good listening skills. He asks his employees for feedback and opinions before making decisions. Igor listens carefully to their views. He values the information he gets from them. To safeguard his assets’ value, Cornelsen utilizes provided information. He also uses other factors to guide his decision. He follows the trends in the market. He believes that an entrepreneur should focus on improving the satisfaction of his customers. An entrepreneur can achieve this by embracing change. He says that entrepreneurs who shun change will fail. Igor uses the patterns of the market to advise his clients. Read more at wikidot.com to know more about Igor Cornelsen

Cornelsen says that good entrepreneurs have to make mistakes along the way. He confesses to having made a number of misstates as an entrepreneur. He did not let his mistakes to define his destiny. He chose not to give up quickly. He used the challenges and obstacles as stepping stones to his successful entrepreneurship journey. Despite his retirement, Cornelsen continues to invest. He likes socializing. He is active in social media. He chats with people and offers them crucial advice on investing wisely. Cornelsen has an unending passion for investing. Learn more: https://angel.co/igorcornelsen1


InnovaCare and Dr. Richard Shinto Innovate Healthcare

InnovaCare Inc. is a privately-owned healthcare supplier, and integrated provider and payer services facilitator. Headquartered in Fort Lee N.J., it is a leading provider of healthcare amenities for Puerto Rico. InnovaCare also offers a range of health-related services and plans for rest of North America as well. Presently it serves about 467,000 members. Named plans and services include: Medicare y Mucho Mas, PMC Medicare Choice, and some of the largest and oldest plans in Puerto Rico. InnovaCare’s continuous mission is innovating healthcare management and meet all challenges facing the complex healthcare atmosphere today.


InnovaCare operates under a set of core values. It places patient first, offers quality care, and works to enhance the overall value of life. They seek out innovation in the medical field, working with networks that continuously redefine medical practices for better future. They also hold their stakeholders accountable for keeping with the high standards the company operates under. They are the largest provider for Puerto Rico with 200,000 total members served by a combined network of 7,500 providers.


InnovaCare Health is headed by CEO Dr. Richard A. Shinto, who has served as Chief Executive Officer and President since 2012. Shinto is also Chief Executive Officer for MMM Healthcare, Inc. Before coming to InnovaCare Shinto was the CEO and president of Aveta Inc. Dr. Shinto has 20 plus years of operational and clinical experience in the healthcare realm. Other ticks on his resume include: management team member of North American Medical Management of Illinois Inc., Chief Medical Officer of NAMM California, and Chief Medical and Operating Officer for Medical Pathways Management Company. Dr. Shinto received a B.S. from the University of California at Irvine, with a medical degree from State University of New York at Stony Brook. He also received an M.B.A. from the University of Redlands. He brings professional experience to the company not just in the realm of business but also as a medical practitioner.


This year Dr. Shinto received his second 25 Minority in Executives in Healthcare Award from Modern Healthcare. The award comes in celebration of Shinto’s revolutionary business models which are redefining healthcare services. He remains a driving force behind the company, an innovator, and an example of diversity in the healthcare industry.


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Jeff Yastine, the Accomplished Journalist

Jeff Yastine is the current editor with the Total Wealth Insider. He is among the editorial team that serves at Banyan Hill Publishing. Jeff Yastine has in the past worked as a financial journalist and stock investor for more than 20 years. The expertise and experience that Jeff Yastine has in the business field have contributed a lot when it comes to the growth and success of Banyan Hill Publishing. Jeff is a weekly contributor to the Sovereign Investor Daily and the Winning Investor Daily at Banyan Hill Publishing. He is responsible for offering the readers of the magazine, his insights on different matters that involve investments. The ideas of Jeff help investors when it comes to emerging economic, monetary and business trends. Read more about Jeff Yastine at  Bloomberg.

Jeff Yastine is a former news anchor who was Emmy-nominated. He also served as a correspondent at PBS Nightly Business Report from 1994 to 2010. Being an accomplished journalist, Jeff Yastine has learned financial and investment secrets from the top and successful businesspeople and entrepreneurs like Richard Branson and Warren Buffet. He has in the past interviewed these top personalities where they talked about their different investment strategies. The journalism career of Jeff Yastine has acquired reputation as a result of the many stories that he has told about and covered. Jeff is known for warning investors on the real estate crisis which took place in the mid 2000’s. The renowned journalist also gave caution to investors about the dot-com bubble.

 Jeff Yastine covered the oil spill in 2010 that is said to have affected the famous Deepwater Horizon. He also became famous after he explained the financial implications of the Hurricane Katrina to enterprises and business in America. On a visit to Cuba, Jeff Yastine wrote about the importance of foreign investors to the economy of America. He was in 2007 nominated for the prestigious Emmy award. The nomination was as a result of his coverage and reporting of the infrastructure of America.  Learn more on crunchbase.com about Jeff Yastine

Jeff Yastine was among the journalists who were able to win the awards for the New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants. Jeff serves as a mentor and role model to young and upcoming journalists. His success in journalism comes from his hard work, passion, commitment, and discipline. Jeff Yastine’s achievements are based mostly on the hard work that he puts in covering significant financial trends and news which range from economic patterns to bond markets. Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YxGq5uBBGEA

Chris Burch’s Resort Wins Awards As Best Hotel In The World

Billionaire Chris Burch is the owner of the Nihiwatu Resort, located on the island of Sumba, Indonesia. For two years in a row, 2016 and 2017, it was named as the number one hotel in the world by Travel and Leisure Magazine readers (ideamensch.com). It’s a luxury resort that he redeveloped by spending $35 million on it. It is located on a beach which has been described as a surfer’s paradise with perfect waves on a regular basis.

The island that the Nihiwatu Resort is on is populated by about 650,000 people. Sumba is off the grid and the people that live on this island live a traditional life which includes various rituals. Chris Burch supports The Sumba Foundation which helps the villagers on this island in a number of ways. They operate four health clinics and 16 primary schools, for example. The focus is on water, education, health, and economics on the island. Additionally, the Nihiwatu Resort is a big employer of villagers.

When describing what it is like to stay at the Nihiwatu Resort, Chris Burch says that it provides a customized itinerary for each guest. He says they go on a personal journey that often comes across unexpected experiences on Sumba. He maintains a personal estate at this resort as well which is called Raja Mendaka. This villa features traditional Sumbanese features along with authentic artifacts throughout it. There are many amenities such as private infinity pools and brass outdoor bathtubs. Each person that is staying at the Raja Mendaka has their own personal butler as well throughout their visit.

Chris Burch is the founder and chief executive officer of Burch Creative Capital. His company is based in New York, New York and he invests in new ventures and develops his own brands. See prnewswire.com for his new and up-coming investments. He first made his mark in the fashion industry in 1976 when he co-founded a company called Eagle’s Eye Apparel. This company started out with $2000 dollar that went towards buying sweaters in bulk for $10 each and then selling them on the Ithaca College campus for $15 each.

It was in 2004 that he started investing in real estate. He teamed up with Alan Faena, a hotelier, and architect Phillipe Stark on a project in Buenos Aires. The result was the Faena-Hotel+Universe which is the most popular luxury hotel in this city. He also invested money in Faena House which is located in the South Beach area of Miami.

For contact details, visit http://www.burchcreativecapital.com/contact/

Shervin Pishevar And The Dow Jones Market

Some people are able to predict the market better than others. Shervin Pishevar has made a lot of his fortune from his ability to predict which tech companies will be the most successful. As an early investor in such companies as Uber and Airbnb, it’s no surprise that he has a few predictions about the market in the U.S.

His Predictions

On February 5, Shervin Pishevar tweeted that he had a few thoughts on financial storms that were brewing. He made a prediction that there would be an aggregate 6000 point drop in the coming months.

What Shervin Pishevar was not without some background information. He had 49 additional tweets worth of thoughts, which included how the market has already given up its gains of 2018 and how interest rates are on the rise.

Shervin also explains how the bond market isn’t as deep as it was once believed to be and how many asset classes are being overvalued.

The Dow Jones

The tweets that Shervin Pishevar sent out took a total of 21 hours to be sent. Within 24 hours of those tweets being sent, which were predictions of the economy, the Dow Jones began to crash. Further, S&P was scrambling to find their footing.

In just half an hour, the Dow fell 500 points. While it still has a ways to go to make up the full 6000 points that Shervin Pishevar predicted it would fall in the coming months, it’s certainly headed there. There was a massive sell-off and it was obvious that the markets were nervous.

Industrials, bonds, and indices were not safe. They still aren’t.

It’s unclear as to what made the markets so nervous, but the comments made by Shervin Pishevar on Twitter certainly didn’t help matters. It may be a sign that he is quite capable of spotting trends early on.

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Jose Auriemo Neto: Taking JHFS Onto International Endeavors

José Auriemo Neto is someone who has taken up the family business and turned it into a company worth noting. He stands as the CEO of JHFS, a premier real estate company that has been in his family for generations. The company was first founded by his grandfather who had a love for the real estate industry and wanted to make a name for himself in it. While growing up, José had witnessed how his father and grandfather were running the company. He got hands-on experience of what it would be like to one day lead the company, which is what prepared him for the job to come. However, merely watching his elders work wasn’t enough to get him ready for the position. He knew that if he wanted to make a name for himself, he would have to work hard and learn from the experiences that he would encounter, which is exactly what he did.

As the CEO of the company, José had big plans for it. One of the plans was for international expansion. Before this expansion, JHFS only operated in Brazil, but with the new plans that José implemented, the company now is also operational in the city of New York. As part of the plan, José bought a few high scale apartments in the city and leases it out to clients who want to live in style in the city. Luxury living has always been one of the arrays that the company divulges in, and José took the concept of luxury living to a whole new concept with the expansion to New York. To know more about him click here.

José hopes that in the future, he can take on more large projects that can improve the workings of the company, and give its clients a real estate project that they can invest in.