Chris Burch’s Achievements in Entrepreneurship

Mr. Chris Burch is a businessman and mainly associated with a variety of investment fields like fashion, real estate, and technology industries. Initially, he began his entrepreneurial journey as an undergraduate student at Itchica College. Both Chris and his brother at Itchica they started Eagles Eye Apparel and later sold it. Currently, Mr. Burch is the Chief Executive Officer of Burch Creative Capital. Mr. Burch’s entrepreneurial values and vision at Burch Creative Capital are in the investment philosophy of the company.  More to read on

Mr. Burch has ventured into real estate business both local and international namely palm beach, Florida, Southampton and partnered in a project which involved an underutilized land in Argentina which developed into Fauna hotel.  Related article on   Recently on Sumba Island, he acquired and rebranded a luxurious resort, Nihiwatu. In 2011 C. Wonder was launched by Mr. Burch and involved home décor retailer. Later in 2014, he announced to partner with Ellen DeGeneres to start ED by Ellen DeGeneres and then began Cocoon9 a real estate brand.  For in-depth look at his diversified investment portfolio, check

As at now, Mr. Burch supports the establishment of lifestyle and consumer goods. They include home furnishings, hospitality, organic foods and technology industries. Mr. Burch engaged with Rothman Institute Foundation as a member of the board and also Pierre hotel as the president of the board. His contributions widely range from research to activities of philanthropy. Mr. Burch has a vast experience in business hence has learned vital lessons for success.

Valuable lessons learned include Identifying that details can make the difference between success and failure because having the ability to identify details matters a lot since you gain competitive advantage and that alone can save your business when you least expect. Also to the list of lessons learned is having the ability to embrace opportunity paramount to the success of the company. He emphasized that a challenge can hinder chance. Hence it’s upon the team to give lasting solutions to an obstacle as opposed to complaining. Embracing an opportunity creates a new momentum despite the chance having all sorts of challenges.

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Also, Mr. Burch recommended social media in entrepreneurship. He added that its a useful tool for communication as it links friends and relatives all across the world. Social press hence is helpful since most people are turning to social media for information. Placing your business on social media is not enough thus it’s advisable to push for marketing via social media.

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AmEx seeks to net Chris Burch

Christopher Burch is an entrepreneur who has made inroads into diverse business areas including fashion, technology, and real estate. His experience in business spans for over 40 years. Having started out selling sweaters on campus with his brother, Chris was able to grow the business from his initial two thousand dollar capital to a multimillion-dollar business in just ten years.He was able to achieve this due to his ability to recognize business opportunities and quickly acting on his investment instinct. His expansive wealth has been the envy of many including big firms like AmEx, where he had been a loyal customer for several years. AmEx focuses on issuing cards to people and has a card network whereby it gives loans to people.

The incoming chairman, Mr. Stephen Squeri, has a daunting task in his mission of keeping the rich and gaining the millennials. Some of the rich have been lured by other companies with better services while the millennials no longer view the business the way their parents did. Nevertheless, Mr., Stephen hopes to net once again Christopher Burch, who made it to the Forbes list of wealthiest Americans in 2014. However, AmEx has to deal with the rising competition from banks and firms like PayPal Holdings Inc. It has also had to deal with the disruption of mobile approaches.

Mr. Chenault, the former chief executive of AmEx, explains this competition in a historical perspective, adding that the company is under attack. Having moved from AmEx, Burch saw it fit to share his disappointment with Mr. Chenault, the former executive officer of the company. Mr. Chenault left the company when it was facing several challenges. There is hope for better prospects, but it is evident that much work awaits Mr. Stephen in winning back the hearts of people like Mr. Burch and reducing the grip of the competing lenders.

Mr. Burch is an asset to many businesses whether as a customer or an investor. He has invested heavily in diverse areas, and his enterprises include technology and, retail investments.   For his latest innovative offering to the market, hit on  His experience in business is also unmatched, spanning over 40 years as an investor and an entrepreneur.  More to read on

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Currently, Mr. Burch is the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital.

His ability to connect innovation with impact has yielded fruit in amazing ways especially in building Burch Creative Capital. The company boasts of a diverse investment portfolio that includes retail, apparel, clothing hospitality and home furnishings.  To read more about his amazing investment, click on

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Chris Burch Abandons Use of the AMEX

Chris Burch is the founder and CEO of the Burch Creative capital. He is from New York United States. He is a serial entrepreneur and active investor across several industries for more than forty years. In his business life, he has led to rising of multiple technologies such as the Faena Hotel, Jawbone, Voss water and +universe.

He is a member of the Continuum Group and Guggenheim capital. His success in entrepreneurship was when he invested $2000 for the Eagles Eye Apparel with his brother.

The business grew to $15 million, and they sold it the Swire group. He also invested in the Internet Capital Group, a well known IPO story on the internet.

Burch has a diverse investment portfolio. Some of his investment is in domestic and international real estate’s business such as the Nantucket, Palm Beach, Florida, and Southampton, New York developing the luxury homes. Check this related article on

Through partnerships like the one with architect Philippe Stark and hotelier Faena in Argentina, they have developed the Faena Hotel + Universe.

The Nihiwatu luxury resort on the Indonesian island of Sumba is one of the recently acquired properties which he had renovated. 2011 was the year was the year he opened the C. Wonder to provide apparel accessories and home décor and later sold it the Xcel brands. When Ellen Degeneres was opening her lifestyle brand, she partnered with Burch. He opened the Cocoon9, luxury prefab homes.   Take a tour to his luxury resort in Indonesia, hop over to

He is on a mission to invest in lifestyle and consumer brands including the organic foods, technology industries, blink health, brads raw foods, Chubbies and others.   For his views on business related matters, hit on

He was a president of the Pierre Hotel Coop board and a member of the Rothmans Institute orthopedic foundation board. He had supported philanthropic initiatives such as the Mt Sinai Hospital research, the Henry settlement and the China Association of social work.

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He has been a true user of the American Express Co. cards from the year 1979. He has since switched most of his pending to the J.P Morgan Chase $ CO’s sapphire reserve card. Chris Burch was named in the Forbes list of wealthiest American the American Express Co faces a big challenged of regaining customers like Mr. Burch.

This is after Stephen Squeri was named the successor and chief executive of the AMEX. Mr. Chennault has decided to make the company less bank-like and focus on revenue made from fees merchants pay when customers use the AMEX cards. On account of this, Mr. Burch sent an email to express his disappointment at this.

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American Institute of Architects Continues Leading The Way

America has always been a hotbed of creative activity in both the arts and sciences. It is unsurprising that one discipline that is equal part art and science has also been spearheaded almost entirely by Americans. The architectural schools that arose throughout the 20th century, with the advent of the skyscraper, came to be completely dominated by U.S. architects and structural engineers. However, none of this would have been possible without the American Institute of Architects.

Bringing order out of chaos

Prior to 1857, anyone in the United States could refer to themselves as a professional architect and no one would have any way to verify if they were, in fact, qualified to ply that trade. It was for this reason that in that same year, many of New York’s top architects got together and formed the professional institution for their trade, one of the first such professional institutions in the country at that time. The ultimate vision of these early pioneers of their industry was to provide a level of rigor to both standards and ethics, ensuring the public that architects were every bit as meritorious a collection of professionals as lawyers or doctors.

The organization they formed proved instrumental in the rising dominance of America in the design and construction trades over the following decades. With the invention of the elevator and the introduction of steel-framed buildings, it soon became possible for the build environment to reach towards the skies. The so-called skyscraper became a stable of cityscapes from Chicago to New York. This increasing reliance on vertical behemoths would forever alter the ways in which urban Americans lived and worked, contributing to the rapidly expanding U.S. economy and the country’s global economic domination.

Soon, many other Western countries were copying the methods and designs of the American city. Although architectural styles like Beaux Arts and Neoclassicism were not invented in the United States, they soon found their stride there. The U.S. is still home to the vast majority of the most exemplary specimens of the various schools of architecture from the 19th and 20th centuries. This incredible output and harnessing of the country’s genius was largely a product of having a strong professional organization that gave the architectural industry the imprimatur of an established and revered trade.

Today, the American Institute of Architects is headed by renowned biographer and architect Robert Ivy. Under his leadership, the organization continues to design the future.

The Life and Successes of Chris Burch as a Brand Builder and Investor

Christopher Burch is known as a serial entrepreneur and investor, and the founder of Burch Creative Capital, his own private investment company that is worth millions of dollars. However, he didn’t just find himself at the top – he went through the process.

Although Christopher Burch was born in Philadelphia in a well-rounded family with a good income and education, many of the big accomplishments of the investor were self-acquired and result in a lot of work.

It all began in 1976 at Ithaca College where he was an undergraduate student. He and his brother, Bob, started Eagle’s Eye apparel with $2,000, which they turned into a 165 million dollar company that was sold to Swire Group. He was one of the investors in the famous IPO story of Internet Capital Group.  Refer to for related article.

Investing is more like a hobby to Mr. Burch; he has several portfolios of investment in several industries and countries, with a long line of investments in luxury homes and resorts in Palm Beach, Nantucket, Florida, New York and recently in Nihiwatu in Sumba Island in Indonesia.

He launched C. Wonder – a company that deals in apparel, home décor and accessories — in 2011, and later sold it off to Xcel Brands. After that success, Mr. Burch, in 2014, partnered with the famous TV host and entertainer – Ellen DeGeneres – for her lifestyle brand called ED by Ellen DeGeneres. He has launched more brands after these successes, like Cocoon9. He supports the development of lifestyle and consumer brands right now: Brands like Brad’s Raw Foods, Chubbies, Little Duck Organics, Soludos, Blink Health and BaubleBar.  To learn more about the diversity of his business ventures, hit on

Chris Burch strength has been in combining innovation and implementation. He’s gotten a whole lot of success because of his superb understanding of the way consumers think and the experience he’s accrued over the years in creating consumer channels.  Read his views on business, click on

Apart from building and supporting brands, Burch has been on the board of some significant foundations like Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation and was the president of The Pierre Hotel Co-op Board. His contribution to research and other philanthropic initiatives are outstanding as well. His funding has been towards places like Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York, NYU Langone, The China Association of Social Work, The Sumba Foundation, The Henry Street Settlement and The Child Welfare League of China.

Nowadays, Chris Burch continues to invest in many types of businesses and industries, and will continue to help foundations and organizations while providing for his family.

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Noble Chris Burch

A top-notch business venture requires a well-established momentum, hard work and patients, just to say a few. For some investors, this factors may seem unreachable and of less importance. You would even hear from various business veterans that without these elements in place, a business will be most likely to shut down. Apart from setting up enough capital, that alone will not guarantee a successful investment. Some other very crucial items must be brought together to realize a pretty much investment.

Chris Burch, a successful investor and the CEO of the Burch Creative Capital, has come a long way in the investment sector. Taking every aspect into account, Burch has established a massive emperor of business. His profound ideas and knowledge in business management have gained him popularity and power wherever he goes. His diverse investment background in an array of sectors has led to the establishment of some business and hospitality centers.  Check to learn more about the diversity of his business ventures.

Through a series of advice, Burch relates his success to a number factors that guarantee a successful investment undertaking. He cites some of the fundamental aspects leading to an exclusive business operation. Customer satisfaction is the primary goal that an entrepreneur should always strive to attain. Investing in the new opportunities gives the business a striking momentum of acquiring more wealth and development.   For more of his views on business, check on

Veteran executives play a prominent role in decision making on various arising issues in the company. Old is gold, remember. Lucrative investment relies on your relationship with your competitors and the positive ways of tackling every tactic applied in the market. An investor should ever be in apposition to counter any threat brought by competitors. A visionary and optimistic investor will always be on the lookout for the emerging issues not only in the business but also around the external world. Social media is the driving element for most companies today. Investing in desired platforms should be well calculated.

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You might be wishing to enter into the business sector, or you are already. Well, taking into viable consideration channels that will give you good returns is a significant way to go. Ethical decision making and teamwork is a vital aspect that should always linger in your mind. Creative productivity is realized when there is a marriage between time management and respect for each other’s ideas and opinions. Setting up an enabling environment will see the business thrive and the attaining of the core goals becoming an easy task.  More about him on

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American Express Target on Millenniums and Old Clients to Rebuild Their Brand

Mr. Stephen Squeri is a man with a heavy burden on his shoulder. Even as he takes the top job as the Chief Executive Officer at one of the biggest companies in America, the American Express, he is tasked with a responsibility of helping the company grow by attracting the millenniums and keeping the rich. Chris Burch is one of the few major investors the companies has just lost in the recent past and comes during a transitional period with the company’s change of guard from Mr. Kenneth Chenault to his successor, Stephen. Undoubtedly this is one of the biggest blows since having been part of the business from 1979. Mr. Burch who was among the 2014 Forbes list of millionaires shifts gears to JP Morgan.

Since it is normal for businesses to lose their shareholders, this is something the giant American card service provider did not anticipate and more so coming from one of its long time customers. Coming into the picture, the new CEO has a tall order with the first business of the day is proving his capabilities by building the image of the card company and maintaining its client base. Amidst the stiff competition, this is something Mr. Stephen is determined to achieve at all costs.

In the recent past, American card express has faced lots of competitions more so from major banks; this, however, has not stopped the company from achieving its goals. According to the outgoing CEO, Mr. Kenneth innovating their products and services has been a priority that they have taken very seriously. This has allowed them to serve better their different clients. If Mr. Stephen Squeri is to continue on the success path of his predecessor, then innovation is the strategy that will help him sell their services to the millenniums.

About Chris Burch

Mr. Christopher Burch, popularly known as Chris Burch is a seasoned entrepreneur who commands a huge following in the technology, hospitality, and retail investments industry.  Additional article on   His entrepreneurial journey goes way back to college years where he opened his first fashion business with his brother before selling it making huge profits. His fortunes have seen him feature in Forbes 2014 list of millionaires.  Read about his latest cool offering to the market, click on

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Burch has founded some entrepreneurial ventures and also contributed directly to over 50 businesses. His creation the Burch Creative Capital is most definitely his favorite investment. Through the operations of this company, he has been involved in the development of a number of local and international brands across the economy.  Read more about his awesome investment, check

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Sawyer Howitt’s Family Background and the Top Industries for Millennial Entrepreneurs

People who want to know how Sawyer Howitt has gotten the insight that is needed for success as an entrepreneur will be happy to know that he comes from a family of entrepreneurs. This does help in that Sawyer gets to observe the entrepreneurs and even learn from them. Even people that are born from an employee background can still learn how to be entrepreneurs. With the internet being in the advanced form, it is easy to find information on what can be done to succeed in any industry. Sawyer Howitt has a lot of information on the top industries or entrepreneurs to get involved in.

Among the industries that millennial entrepreneurs can get involved in are relaxation beverages, corporate wellness, social network game development among others. One of the best ways for people to find out where they can profit is to find out about what they are passionate about. Then they can find a market for their passion. Another good area for people to get into if they are passionate about is the mobile industry. There is so much to the mobile industry. Like with internet, people are going to start finding many ways to make money from their mobile devices.

One of the greatest advantages to connectivity is that people have it easier than ever when it comes to earning money. A lot of programs are easy to get into and they have a good earning potential as it depends on the person. One of the most important things for people to do if they want to be successful like Sawyer Howitt is to know their limits. Humility also works for the entrepreneur in that it opens up his mind to many possibilities and allows him to learn from some sources that he might see to be unlikely.

Sawyer is hoping to be the voice and the role model that millennials need. Every generation needs a leader so that they can come together and grow. One of the best traits of millennial is that they are both witnessing and bringing forth a new world that is going to be an improvement over the previous world. Visit: