Nihi Sumba Island – History and Future

One of the most popular global entrepreneurs, Mr. Chris Burch, is currently working on yet another project in the industry of hospitality. Together with his partner James McBride, they have been taking the industry by storm starting with their most grandiose creation Nihi Sumba Island.

Mr. Chris Burch has been doing serial entrepreneurship for more than thirty years, and he is still ripe with new ideas. He has a strong sense of style and fashion, as well as an innate understanding of what makes the retail industry work, expand, and evolve. That has allowed his investments to be highly successful just like his own businesses. Mr. Chris Burch established the C. Wonder and the Burch Creative Capital which combines a number of his companies under its cap.  Learn more about his business vision and output on

In terms of his investments, Mr. Chris Burch has a record of various ventures such as fashion brands, home decor, stationery, hotels and resorts, gadgets and tech, as well as real estate property. Some of the brands that Mr. Chris Burch has invested in include Next Jump, Jawbone, Power mat, and a vast number of other names.   For a note-worthy article, check

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For about ten years now, Mr. Chris Burch has been involved with projects in the hospitality business He started by investing hotels and later started funding the renovation of resorts. An example of that is the Faena Hotel in Buenos Aires. The resort was created in an old grain factory, become a highly luxurious five-star hotel.  Read more about his resort in this link on

The first step that Mr. Chris Burch took into owning a resort was partnering with James McBride, a famous hotelier, and purchasing the closed down Nihiwatu. The hotel is located in Sumba Island, and it was built by a couple who set up their camp on a beach of Sumba Island. The couple loved surfing, and so they were attracted by the waves of the Indian ocean which could reach up to 20 feet. Eventually, the couple started their own business, and it was booming. When the Asian financial crisis hit, however, Nihiwatu suffered a strong decrease in clientele, and it closed down.

Mr. Chris Burch gave Nihiwatu new life, and the resort is now called Nihi Sumba Island. For the past two years, Nihi Sumba island has been voted to be the best resort in the world. Locally, Nihi Sumba Island donates a part of the profits to the Sumba Foundation that takes care of the community on Sumba island.  Be updated with his recent timeline activities, hit on

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco – What’s Next for Bradesco?

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is widely credited with the turnaround that Bradesco experienced soon after taking leadership at the financial institution. His main objective at the time was doing the best to serve the municipality that the organization served. Different from the general perception of being ranked as the top-ranked bank, Luiz laid much emphasis on performance and service. This was at a time when Bradesco had just lost its leadership position to another competing financial institution in the name of Itau Unibanco. Within a span of a few years, Luiz managed to reclaim Bradesco rightful position in the insurance market in Brazil. This was a feat that most pundits thought would have taken the bank at least six years to accomplish.

 With approval from chief stakeholders in the institution, he bought the Brazilian branch of HSBC at the cost of $ 5.2 billion, the largest business transaction in Brazil since 2015. With this action, he as able to reclaim the leadership position of Bradesco within a short time frame. This made the company to be recognized as the Entrepreneur of the Year in Finance by Money. This initiative by Luiz increased his popularity and fame as the best financial professionals in the Brazilian financial market. He is known to be a rhardworking pofessional whose main objective to make Bradesco the best insurance company, not only in Brazil but also to the rest of the world.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi graduated from the University of Sao Paulo in the Faculty of Philosophy, Science, and Letters. He then began his banking career in 1969, going through the ranks finally taking the executive authority position at Bradesco Seguros in the period between 2003 to 2009. During his tenure, he created a corporate university at the company. The main objective of this initiative was to give independence to promoted personnel in the enterprise. This was a comprehensive initiative to seek out market professionals in the industry. In this case, the company managed to get great banking innovators like Renato Ejnisman who was the executive director of Bradesco BBI. It is through his initiatives that Bradesco was able to maintain its market position by having in its stead the best financial market professionals that the country could offer. He used this opportunity to nurture and identify talent that played a big role in the growth of Bradesco.

Currently, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is the president of the largest insurance company in Brazil. He was awarded, for the second time, the trophy as Insurance Personality of the year in 2007. He believes that the insurance sector is like some private arm of the state which is crucial is the maintenance of social welfare. Luiz also heads Fenasaude and is also a council member of Fenaseg Council including being the Vice President of the Institute for supplementary Health Studies (IESS)

Luiz led a department that contributed about 40% of Bradesco earnings. The company has always held the tradition of maintaining market leadership in Brazil’s financial sector. It has become a matter of honour and privilege for all stakeholders in the company. This has made the bank to develop a strategy of acquisition which aims at making it even stronger. Its target companies include medium-sized private banks with national capital like Safra. The business strategy of acquisitions has made Bradesco a leading insurance company in Brazil with an unrivalled capital base and revenue. He is indeed, regarded as the driving force at Bradesco, a company whose achievements and business processes have been acclaimed by many.


The Career of Entrepreneur Chris Burch

Chris Burch has established himself as one of the more well known entrepreneurs in a variety of industries. He recently made the list of billionaires for Forbes magazine. Burch got an early start in his career when he worked at a construction company with his father. This experience inspired Chris to work hard to achieve his goals. It would also encourage him to get involved in the real estate industry. Over the next several years, Chris would look for a number of ways to make money. Along with finding ways to make money, Chris made sure that they were through activities that he was truly passionate about. This helped lead him to achieving high levels of success during his career. As of right now, Chris runs companies such as Burch Creative Capital where he serves as the founder and chief executive officer. This company specializes in developing a number of brands for companies and investors.

When achieving his success in business, Burch looked to develop his personal legacy as well. The main focus of his legacy is that he wants to develop a path for other to achieve success. By providing a path for others to follow on their road to success, Chris will believe that he has truly given back to his community. Part of what has already contributed to his legacy is his passion, determination and innovation. These personal characteristics have enabled Chris to establish himself as one of the top entrepreneurs in the world.  More to read on

One notable thing about Chris is that he has been involved in a number of different businesses. Over the course of his career, Burch has put together companies in the fashion, real estate and resort industry. Like a number of entrepreneurs, Chris stated that his road to success was difficult but it reaped quite a few rewards anyway.   Additional reading on

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After achieving high levels of success throughout his career, Burch has looked to give back to his community. As a result, he often participates in a number of charitable activities. He provides funding for educational institutions, medical facilities and organizations that contribute to child welfare. Along with these causes, Chris has also been involved in providing real estate projects in order to benefit international communities. For updates on his recent timeline activities, hit

The real estate projects have been able to allow citizens in other countries to get needed shelter and adequate living spaces. With all of these contributions, Chris Burch has established himself as a leading philanthropist as well as an entrepreneur.  For further reference, head over to

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Having schooled in the state of Oregon, Sawyer Howitt is one of the highly admirable young people in the country with substantial knowledge in financial and functional aspects needed to run an enterprise without any hitches. Consumer and brand interactions form a formidable force in the way he conducts his daily work and also brings out his passion for customer service delivery very well.

He was able to exercise his dedication to customer service by working at the Meriwether Group as the Projects Manager a role that mainly focused on the way companies would strategies to meet the ever demanding advancement in the technological sphere. Over the preceding, Howitt love for both the people and communities around him has seen him participate in numerous charities, pieces of training that focus on the youths and also keenly looking at the women rights. Howitt great insights to the youths are on them engaging on more rewarding business opportunities that are visionary oriented and opposed to the usual way of conducting business.

He points out the relaxation beverage venture as an upcoming and promising business that the millennial are exploring more vibrantly. Healthcare awareness is on the frontline when it comes to coming up with millennial ideas of enterprises. Corporate wellness is another brilliant twist that this generation has introduced and according to Sawyer, they have put all their focus and attention. Healthy staffs tend to increase productivity, and their delivery is more improved leading to reduced cost trying to solve concerns and issues that would arise from a workforce that is not healthy and less productive.

Sawyer Howitt is a senior who currently at his second-semester and his primary interest is on Finance and the field of business. At his young age, he is conversant with all aspects of finance and the operational procedures of business enterprises He is skilled in the general filling, customer service, spreadsheet work and minute wring for meetings and is up to the task regardless of the complexity the job can offer. During his free time and being a fun of the Trail Blazer, Howitt loves a good time and consistently cheers the Portland team. In addition to that, he enjoys listening to new music, cultural activities, the latest fashion fads, and trends, also keeping up with fitness, wellness and a wider interest in the global market trends.

Bruno Fagali Well-Known and Trusted Lawyer from Sao Paulo, Brazil

Hiring the right lawyer for your case is extremely important as inexperienced, and an amateur attorney can take the case in the direction that would not be in your favor. It is incredibly crucial that you check the qualifications, track record as well as the experience of the attorney you hire. One of the attorneys who is well known in Brazil for his successful track record and immense knowledge in the area he specializes in, which includes administrative law, compliance law, regulatory law, ethics, and finance law, is Bruno Fagali.

Bruno Fagali is also the founder of one of the most successful law firms in Brazil by the name of Fagali Advocacia. After working for some of the top law firms in the country, including Radi Calil and Associates, Bruno Fagali decided to start his law firm, and it is how Fagali Advocacia came into being. He believes that it is imperative for the lawyers to work closely with the client, investigate the matter in hand, and provide legal counsel that addresses the concerns of the clients without complicating the things further for the clients. Bruno Fagali holds a degree in law from the Pontifical Catholic University, Sao Paulo, and also has a diploma in Ethics and Compliance Law from Getulio Vargas Foundation.

The qualification of Bruno Fagali makes him one of the most sought-after attorneys in Brazil today. Bruno Fagali also serves as the Corporate Integrity Officer at Novo/SB Marketing Agency apart from running Fagali Advocacia. He has years of experience in the field of law and also keeps himself sharply updated with the latest amendments happening in the field of law. It helps him provide his clients with legal counsel that addresses their issues expertly and ensures that they are able to get the justice they deserve. He is considered to be one of the most reliable lawyers in Brazil today.

Self-determined Advocate Jeremy Goldstein

Jeremy Goldstein is an expert in law being an Attorney General. He also specialized as a business lawyer with more than fifteen years’ experience. Corporations approach him when in need of advice regarding legal matters. He has a law firm in New York Jeremy Goldstein & Associates, LLC.



Major Roles



Jeremy Goldstein has played significant roles in different performing companies. Examples of the groups include Chevron, Merck, and Duke Energy. He was a board member of the Fountain House which is an esteemed law journal.



Jeremy Goldstein &Associates, LLC



He is a partner at Jeremy Goldstein & Associates, LLC, a boutique law firm dedicated to advising various committees. He concentrates his practice on sensitive corporate issues. During corporate transactions, he guides the chief executive officers and management groups.



Jeremy Goldstein is an associate at the American Bar Association business sector to ensure compliance with his clients. Jeremy Goldstein was involved in the most exceptional acquisition of corporate transactions. Including the Goodrich acquisition by united technologies.



He is among the leading lawyers in the United States. As a result, he acquired elevation as a top executive. He participates as well in compensation Attorney legal matters. Jeremy Goldstein has engaged in most mergers and acquisition companies in New York where he was the chairman.



Jeremy Goldstein Motivating employers



Most corporations face problems in issuing stocks, employees do not receive stock options from their employers. Because value of shares drops drastically. Making it impossible for employees to exercise their options.



Jeremy Goldstein provides a solution, urging employers to embrace the knock out option. The options have investment requirements and limits which are at a bar. Subsequently, acting complements to their problems.



In conclusion, he participates in many activities at the school of law in New York. Jeremy Goldstein gives back to the society by supporting the residents with mental problems courtesy of the Fountain House of board members.


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Equities First Holdings and Some Wikipedia Information

There is a lot of good lending going on at Equities First Holdings because they started their company knowing that a lot of people have to get something that helps them with cash flow. Cash flow for people is very important, and Equities First Holdings is a company that makes sure that people can get the loans they want because they might need something that will help them make sure that they have only the money they asked for.

Equities First has an LLC designation that they take to a lot of places like South Africa and New Zealand. They have offices in Australia and the UK, and they have people in each office that will give the clients the loans they want. These small loans do not have to have any reason at all, and they are going to get the terms and the amount of money they requested.


Dr. Mark McKenna, a Serial Entrepreneur, Reinventing Elective Care

Dr. Mark McKenna is a board-certified medical doctor who practices medicine and surgery in the state of Georgia and Florida. Dr. McKenna hailed from New Orleans, LA and attended Tulane University Medical School where he acquired a degree in medicine. After completing his studies, McKenna began his career practicing medicine with his father while at the same time Founded McKenna Venture Investments which is a boutique real estate development firm. Dr. McKenna, later on, founded another firm Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title, Inc. The two firms provided financial services, real estate closing services and offered turnkey design-build.

August 29th, 2005 is one day that Dr. McKenna would never forget as this day was quite catastrophic to him. Hurricane Katrina destroyed almost everything in the city of New Orleans, and Dr. McKenna who had invested heavily in the city was not spared either as most of his business interests were also destroyed. McKenna However did not give up and actively participated in the rebuilding of New Orleans by building low-moderate income housing.

In July 2017 Dr. McKenna founded OVME Company and became the CEO. OVME is a medical aesthetic firm that is reinventing elective care through the use of technology.

According to Dr. McKenna, the idea of establishing OVME was largely based on the vast experience; he has in the medical aesthetic industry. Dr. McKenna is a serial entrepreneur and has established many companies all of which were successful and sold to public traded companies. During his long career practice, Dr. McKenna being an entrepreneur saw an opportunity of disrupting the industry, and that’s how OVME came into being.

Dr. Mckena typical day looks like this; wakes up at around 6:30 am, takes breakfast with his daughter, have a shower and then leave for work by 8 am until 6 pm. After work he heads back home for dinner with his family and then proceeds to Jiu-Jitsu training to around 9 pm, comes back homework until he falls asleep.

McKenna brings ideas to life through the setting of goals and meditation. One trend that excites him is the decline in smoking in America. Dr. McKenna describes himself as a voracious reader who likes associating with smarter people than him for growth purposes. Some of the people that Dr. McKenna looks up to as role models include Elon Musk, Michael Bloomberg, and former US President Barrack Obama.

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Nihi Sumba Island Helping the Sumbanese Thrive

Mr. Chris Burch became one of the most famous businessmen in the world as he has been acing his ventures. His list of investments is quite varied, ranging from apparel and shoe brands to home decor and stationery, among else. Some of the companies that have benefitted from the investments of include Jawbone, Next Jump, Powermat, and so on. Along with investing in companies, Mr. Chris Burch also creates businesses such as his C. Wonder which is a retailer of apparel as well as home decor to buyers on QVC and Burch Creative Capital which invests and creates brands in a number of industries.   Visit the website,  check

For the past decade, Mr. Chris Burch has been steadily venturing in the business of hospitality as he has been investing in hotels and resorts. He started with the Faena Hotel which is located in Buenos Aires. The resort building used to b a grain factory. The final entry in the industry of hospitality was made when Mr. Chris Burch and hotelier James McBride partnered up on the renovation of Nihiwatu and achieved its re-launch as Nihi Sumba Island. The resort is filled with high luxury, and it made the top for the rankings of 2016 and 2017 according to the votes. The hotel of Nihiwatu resort became the luxurious travel destination that it is today after billionaire investor Mr. J. Christopher Burch started working on it.  More to read on

Nihi Sumba Island is located on the Sumba Island in Indonesia. It is tucked in between forests, beaches, waterfalls, and visitors call it paradise on earth. The building of the resort was first established about twenty years ago by a couple of surfers who traveled to the location due to the 20-foot waves of the Indian Ocean. By the mid-90s, however, the business started going downwards as the Asian financial crisis set in.  Additional article here

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Mr. Chris Burch has become a strong donor to the Sumba Foundation, created in 2001. The people of Sumba island were suffering from health issues, and social welfare was growing worse. The organization has been relying on the donations of the visitors as well as those from corporations. Nihi Sumba Island provided jobs for the people of the island as well as care, and it additionally gives a big part of its profit to the Sumba Foundation to help get rid of malaria, provide clean and safe drinking water to the island, and to increase education and support for the communities. For his recent timeline activities, hop over to

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How Chris Burch Created A 5 Star Resort On A Remote Island In Indonesia

Christopher Burch is a venture capitalist who founded Burch Creative Capital. He has over four decades of experience of being both a businessman and investor. The three pillars of Burch Creative Capital are to Create, Disrupt and Scale. The goal of the venture capitalist firm is to invest in and develop brand and companies that have the power to disrupt and affect people’s lives in meaningful and positive ways.   Check to learn more about his diverse business portfolio.

Mr. Burch has helped launch the following new ventures with celebrities such as Ellen DeGeneres. They include ED, Poppin, Cocoon9, Niwahatu and Trademark to name a few. He has previously invested in and helped develop major brands such as Voss Water, Faena Hotel + Universe and Jawbone. For an overview of his diverse investments, hop over to this.

The story of the Nihi Resort developed by Christopher Burch begins in 2012. During that year, Mr. Burch bought out an obscure resort located on the remote Indonesian island of Sumba. He then spent over three million dollars to develop the resort. The process of development and renovation would take about thee years before the Nihi Resort could open to guests.

Christopher Burch’s Nihi Resort has been met with great fanfare from visitors and magazines alike. It was voted as being one of the best hotels in the world by Travel & Leisure’s for two consecutive years after it opened up. Newspaper outlets such as the Telegraph in the UK have also praised the Nihi Resort as being one of the top hotel destinations in the globe. More about the resort on

Mr. Burch said he found out about the area when the owners of a surfing resort in a hidden island of Indonesia were looking for investors to help them stay afloat. The location piqued Chris’ interest. He sent out a friend and hotel and leisure expert, James McBride to take a look at the area and resort. Mr. McBride saw that the area had unspoiled natural beauty and had great potential to become a world class resort.  For additional reading, hit on

After settling upon a deal, Christopher Burch and James McBride bought out the land from the owners of the surfing resort and purchased some additional protected land to make room for their resort. The resort’s land now includes over 567 acres of beaches, jungle, coves, estates and villas. Some of the landmarks of the Nihi Resort include the natural elements in the landscape such as volcanic rocks and plunge pools. The resort also maintains a tribal atmosphere with teak furniture and ikat linens. It is also the biggest employer on the island and endows a foundation that supports the natives in areas such as healthcare and education.  Additional article to read here.

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