Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science, a Hope for Cancer Patients

The Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science was established at Rutgers Cancer Institute, New Jersey, with the aim of helping to propel innovation research in the field of precision medicine. This is according to an article published on Newswise on October 21, 2015.

The chair was regarded as the premium level of higher education. The endued chairs expressed their commitment to a university to an academic discipline of the highest level. They also assured to show their continued support and advancement to the chair.

Omar Boraie Aspiration

The chair was named after Omar Boraie, the New Brunswick developer, who according to made a pledge of $1.5 million to support it. The Omar Boraie Chair in the University was established as a Chair Challenge campaign whereby an anonymous donor was to donate 1.5 million to match to each of the donation made by the 18 chairs resulting into $3million endowment each.

By application of genomic science and precision medicine, medical professionals have changed their approach to cancer diagnoses and treatment. Rutgers Cancer Institute was the first facility in the country and the only one in the state to use genomic sequencing and precision medicine method to patient care. Today, several cancer institutes are using this approach to tumors.

Genomic sequencing has been regarded useful in helping find novel therapies for people with rare cancers, with poor prognoses and those whose treatment options have either been ineffective or limited. Similarly, advance in the use of precision medicine enhances the ability to classify cancers into sub-populations of same characteristics but different genetics. This helps predict better patient outcome and determine their specific cancer therapies.

Views of the Members Regarding the Chair

Commenting about the establishment of Rutgers Cancer Institute, Boraie said that the institution was making significant progress in the use of precision medicine for patients whose cancer is no longer responsive. He also said he was hopeful that the pledge they made would act as leverage to support those in need so that the chair would realize its goal. He expressed his hope that his family’s commitment would inspire others to do the same. Boraie has a background in chemistry and has a long-standing interest in cancer.

Other chairs named in the Omar Boraie Chair in Gnomic Science include Rutgers Cancer Institute director for transitional science and principal investigator of precision medicine, Shridar Ganesan, MD, Ph.D. Dr. Ganesan is a medical oncologist who is internationally regarded as a top academic researcher and leader.

Ganesan said on the Wall Street Journal that it was an honor to be endowed as a chair for Omar Boraie Gnomic Science. He added that through the years studying cancer, they had realized that it wasn’t a single disease but rather a collection of diseases each having unique features. He said that the pledge hay made would assist the clinical research in getting more understanding of the cancer biology which in turn would help patients suffering even from the most challenging diseases and renew their hope and that of their families.

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The Impacts of Brexit on EU and Global Economy

From June 2016, The United Kingdom ceased to be a member of the European Union (EU). The United Kingdom withdrew from the EU after the majority of its citizens unanimously supported the exit decision through a referendum. According to stock market analyst Flavio Maluf, this departure will cause a significant drop in the stock market and will a have a long-term effect on the worldwide economy.

The EU published its financial reports back in 2014. According to these results, most of the contributions came from the United Kingdom. Flavio supports Paulo Figueiredo’s perspectives that UK’s decision to withdraw from the EU will decrease the number of oversea investors, who are willing to invest in the country. Paulo Figueiredo is the current director of the renowned FN Capital Operations.

Members of the European Union usually engage in a tax-free trade. After the UK withdrew from the EU, the country will now have new tax rates for all its trading activities. This new measure will have an impact on foreign trade conducted between the UK and EU member nations. Furthermore, the UK will be required to reach bilateral agreements regarding trade taxes with any country that belongs to the EU.

How Brazil will benefit From the UK

Flavio also pointed out that Brazil will reap benefits from the UK’s departure from the EU. He noted that Brazil would now be in a position to reach bilateral agreements with the UK. Most of the EU’s financial support originated from the UK, with France and Germany following closely. Apparently, France has shown signs of flaws in its national economy. Germany is now the EU’s flag since it is only remaining member country that has a strong economy. The Brexit will hugely affect the operation of the EU.

About Flavio

As the Eucatex’s president and a Brazilian entrepreneur, Flavio is an influential investor in the Brazilian business sector. He serves as the president of GrandFood Group. Flavio attended the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation (FAAP) in Brazil and studied mechanical engineering. He also enrolled at the New York University and attained a postgrad in business administration.

His company, Eucatex, specializes in tree byproducts. Its products are mainly sold to woodworking and civil engineering companies. In addition to running business ventures, Flavio financial supports organizations such as the LANG Carli Hospital and Maternity.

Oncology’s Number One Journal: Oncotarget

Since 2010, the online multi-disciplinary journal, “Oncotarget”, has published papers in weekly issues concerning all areas of oncology. The Editors-in-Chief, Andrei V. Gudkove from Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, New York; and Mikhail V. Blagosklonny from Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, New York, have successfully accomplished their mission. Clearly defined on the website, its mission is to make scientific results available quickly and to anyone, to maximize the impact of research on through insightful reviews, to allow exceptional discoveries available immediately, to eliminate borders between specialties, to link different fields of biomedical science, and to foster applications of basic and clinical science to fight disease. The ultimate goal is to eliminate disease. The editorial board on consists of about 50 prominent scientists from many of the major universities, cancer centers, and medical schools in the United States and overseas. Following the COPE Code of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors and the Code of Conduct for Journal Publishers, hundreds of articles appear in the journal along with interviews of prominent scientists in video clips. Due to its success, the Oncotarget is now launching other sections, including Gerotarget/Aging, Immunology/Microbiology, Neuropathology/Neuroscience, Endocrinology, Cardiology, Metabolism, Cell & Mol Biology, and Pharmacology.

The archives of “Oncotarget” are easily accessible from the menu on the left-hand side of the page and includes every issue as it appeared originally. For example, Volume 7, No. 46 Table of Contents includes:

Priority Research Papers
Research Papers: Aging
Research Papers: Pathology
Research Papers: Immunology
Research Papers: Autophagy and Cell Death
Clinical Research Papers


Every article’s title, authors and their affiliation, supplementary information, and abstract are available to view as a PDF or HTML. Headings within each article of Oncotarget include results, discussion, methods and materials, acknowledgement and grant support, conflicts of interest, and references. There is also the capability of ordering a reprint.

John Goullet’s IT Journey

John Goullet is a businessman and an innovator who has led the development of some highly successful ventures in the IT sector. John Goullet received his Master’s degree in Computer Science in 1983 from Ursinus College after completing his studies. After finishing his studies, he first started as a computer consultant and then made a transition to become an IT staffing account executive. He then decided to form his IT staffing company in 1994. He founded Info Technologies, Inc. and served as its Chief Executive Officer. He focuses his IT on understanding the corporate climate as well as the IT staffing requirements of his clients then aligning the personality and work style of his consultants. He has grown Info Technologies into one of the most successful companies in the country. The company was cited twice by Inc. magazine Inc. 500 as one of the Nation’s fastest growing private companies. In just five years the firm was valued at $30 million.

John Goullet being a visionary and an entrepreneur, he further partnered with others and amalgamated Info Technologies and Diversant Inc. in 2010 giving birth to Diversant LLC. He assumed the mantle of the Principal. His role of forming strategies ensures that the company overcomes the challenges of the ever-evolving IT industry. Given his clientele, the company has absorbed talents in the sector to be part of the innovative team that is behind the company’s success. It offers a broad range of open and available IT staffing and an array of products which include direct hire, IT staffing augmentation, and innovative diversity solutions.

John inspires his team to be ingenious, upholding ethics, respect, and discipline. His leadership process has enabled the company to be among the greatest African-American owned firms in the United States. Mr. Goullet says that the awards the company received for its monetary success, proves that the company can deliver IT staffing services to clients thought to be at the top. As at now, John Goullet is continuing to strive to establish new, innovative ways of bringing solutions and facing challenges of the dynamic IT Industry.

Thor Halvorssen Speaks Out Against Cuba’s Totalitarianism

As the founder and president of the Human Rights Foundation, it should come as no surprise that Thor Halvorssen is regularly seen as a symbol of freedom and protection for those who are regularly subjected to injustices at the hands of totalitarian governments. Unfortunately, Thor Halvorssen has once again been forced to speak out against the cruelties of foreign governments after an American attorney was arbitrarily placed under arrest by Cuban security forces.

The incident began after a political dissident got into trouble with the Cuban government over public art displays that openly questioned the government’s authority. After being placed under arrest, an American attorney flew to Cuba to represent him and ensure that he had a fair and honest trial. After arriving in Cuba and presenting her arguments at a press conference, she was suddenly unexpectedly placed under arrest by several armed forces of the Cuban government.

Although the attorney, Kimberly Motley, was not the only person to be arrested on that day, she is certainly the most shocking example of the Cuban government’s cruelty. In fact, Thor Halvorssen decided to speak out against the government’s actions, noting that they were as outrageous as they were a sobering reminder of just how unjust the Cuban government really is. Despite the recent thawing of tensions between Cuba and America, it’s clear that there is still a considerable culture divide between the two countries.

Of course, Thor Halvorssen and his organization are concerned with more than just the authoritarian nature of the Cuban government. Halvorssen regularly offers insight into the troubles across many diverse regions in the world, including the situation in his homeland of Venezuela and in far-off places like China and Taiwan. Of particular interest to Thor Halvorssen is the rarely discussed situation of Uyghur peoples in China. While there is considerable interest in the treatment of other cultural groups under the Chinese regime, few people seem to discuss the Uyghur in particular as often as Halvorssen does.

While Cuba has yet to respond to Halvorssen’s accusations, one thing remains clear: Wherever there is injustice in the world, Halvorssen and his Human Rights Foundation will be there to speak out against it.

Omar Boraie Establishes Boraie Development – January 2017 Update

UPDATE — January 20th 2017 — Trust Donates to Rutgers Cancer Institute

Omar Boraie founded the Boraie Development LLC after finding a way to Real Estate. He migrated from Egypt and arrived in New Brunswick 50 years ago to earn his Doctorate in chemistry. The Boraie Development deals in property management, marketing/ sales, and real estate development. The company also works with contractors, architects, and financial institutions to complete projects. They are dedicated to providing unparalleled service on through their expert team. The company is very particular about deadlines and gives all efforts to complete the projects successfully, well ahead of the deadline.

Real Estate Development
Boraie Development is devoted to employing its capital, vision, and reliability to every project that they handle. They hold a successful track record of more than 30 years and remain as a highly sought after developers on Their primary funding remains the same from commercial banks which are private capital sources for the various projects. Their projects are meant to attract financial, residents and tenants who understand and realize the value of long-term ownership commitment.

Read more: Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science Established at Rutgers Cancer Institute

Property Management
One of the most vital aspects of Boraie Development’s plan is the management of the properties. It gives them the ability to build value for the assets. On an ongoing basis, they undertake physical improvements and also ensure that their assets are well-maintained. Some of their property management includes marketing, customer service, accounting, administration, maintenance, and leasing.

Sales Marketing
Boraie Development LLC has also sold more than $150 million in commercial land residential transactions through Boraie Realty Subsidiary. Development and property management are integrated with the Sales division to understand the residential and commercial factors better. It helps in keeping the local sales knowledge, which is essential for the development activities.

The New Jersey urban developers on have about 11-50 employees. Omar is part of the company together with his sons Sam and Wasseem, and his daughter Hiam, and they play a vital role in its development. Over the years, Rutgers, The Aspire, Hospital and Johnson & Johnson are some of the achievements that have been accomplished by him so far. He is a visionary who has also envisioned many buildings and has seen its completion eventually. They provide residential, commercial and retail buildings that are built to suit the need of the clientele. Every step taken is overseen by experts who work on the field on a regular basis. They are the ideal real estate developers.

Adam Milstein Talks About Entrepreneurship With IdeaMensch

According to Jewish Journals, Adam Milstein is a managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties. During his interview with IdeaMensch, he shed light on his career and explained how he manages to be successful in his endeavors.

Explaining his motivation behind Hager Pacific Properties, he said that less paying job offers that he frequently received while in campus made him realize that his life experience and knowledge were not enough. It is at this point that he went out and ventured into the real estate business where he begun working as a broker for 3 years before shifting to real estate investment.

Discussing how he became a successful entrepreneur, Adam said consistency, follow-up and persistency played a major role in being productive. He has a culture of pushing ideas until they become a reality. In addition, he follow-up on his ideas to ensure that nothing fails. Learn more about Adam Milstein:

Setting goals, a common trend in business, is a strategy that Adam perceives as limiting. Focusing on delivering the best, ignoring criticism and being self-driven has helped him grow his businesses. Learn more about Adam Milstein:

Commenting on his failure as an entrepreneur, Milstein said that his urge to make a fortune overnight once failed him. While in school, he used to sell art to temples in Israel. When the business became successful, he purchased a huge amount of inventory, which did not go as he had planned.

About Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein is an Israeli real estate investor, philanthropist and community leader. He bears his real estate roots from his father Hillel Milstein, a real estate developer. In 1971, Adam served the IDF during the Yom Kippur War. He then joined Technion where he earned a B.S in business and economics in 1978.

While in college, he got involved with his father’s construction and development real estate Company. He moved to the U.S. in 1980 where Adam enrolled in the University of Southern California and earned his Master’s degree in Business Administration in 1981.

As a philanthropist, Adam Milstein founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation alongside his wife, Gila. The organization supports education of Jewish students and young professionals.

He is also the co-founder of the Israeli-American Council. Adam is a member of different boards, including StandWithUs, Israeli on Campus Coalition, Birthright Israel, Jewish Funders Network and Stand By Me among others. He was named among top 100 people that positively influenced Jewish life in 2016.


Spotlight on the Construcap Company

Construcap is a Brazilian company that is involved in the construction and engineering works in various commercial infrastructure and buildings. Construcap Group is made of several companies that include Minas Arena – Sports Facilities Management S/A, Construcap CCPS Engenharia e Comercio and the Concert of Concession Road Juiz de Fora – Rio. The Construca CCPS is based in the Eldorado Business Tower Building, Sao Paulo. In 2010, the Minas Arena was established and it was mandated with the responsibility of supervising investments and the full completion of the renovation and modernization works in the Mineirao Sports Complex, Belo Horizonte. Concert of Concession Road was set up in 1995 and was tasked with the responsibility of taking care of the rising demand witnessed in the logistics and transport sectors.

Projects Undertaken

In 2014, Inova Health Company was established to oversee equipment supply, construction, management and maintenance of non-care services, equipment supply in Sao Paulo State in the three hospital complexes. There are three hospitals that ought to be constructed and they include Sao Paulo (218 beds), Sao Jose dos Campos (158 beds) and Sorocaba (250 beds). The three hospitals are expected to be completed at different time intervals with the Sorocaba Hospital expected to take 30 months, Sao Paulo 36 months and Sao Hose dos Campos 30 months. The non-care services management term ought to last for 17 years. The Construcap Company got an important role to play in the project design, investment, construction and the operation in general of the Mineirao Stadium (Minas Arena).

About Construcap

Construcap is ranked among the top ten biggest construction companies based in Brazil. The company is founded on a kind of management that aims at ensuring continuous development of both processes and people as well as its commitment to serve its clients. It has an affinity to developing environmental friendly and sustainable projects. It works in the private and public markets in the infrastructure, energy and buildings segment. The company offers processes that are certified by ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001.

Engineers Caio Luiz Pereira and Henrique Pegado formed the Construtora Pereira de Souza in 1944. In 1955 another group of five engineers founded the Construcap Engineering. These two companies later merged forming the present Construcap CCPS Engenharia e Coomico in 1972.

Alexandre Gama – Neogama’s CEO and COO

Ever heard of Neogama, a top advertising Brazil agency? If you are Brazilian, you certainly have. And if that is the case you have heard of Alexandre Gama. He is the boss of this top-rated advertising company. Gama acts as the Chief Executive officer and the Chief Operations Officer of the company. He is known to be one of the leading Brazilian entrepreneurs of his time.

Alexandre Gama was born in 1958. He attended Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation (FAAP) and graduated with a degree in Communications and Advertising. His education background paved way for what was to be a successful career. It all began when he was 24 years. He was appointed as a copywriter for the Ogilvy and Mather. 8 years later he left the company and went to work for MD9 as the creative director and copywriter.

In his early career life, Gama was the most awarded copywriter of his time. He was headhunted by companies and had the opportunity to work with companies like Young & Rubicam and BBDO. In the year 1999, he decided that he needed to start something of his own. That is when Neogama was born. This award-winning advertising company is rated among the top twenty digital advertising firms in the nation.

Kate Hudson’s success with Fabletics

Fablectics is a company that was started by co-CEOs, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, along with actress Kate Hudson in 2013. The idea for Fablectics came when they saw an opening in the activewear apparel industry that was not being serviced. They wanted to offer high quality and stylish activewear that was affordable and available to everyone at an accessible price point. Their goal is to create clothing that helps and inspires people to get and stay active in their everyday life. They offer trendy designs that people enjoy at prices they can afford. The company’s goal for you to be able to “Live Your Passion” each day of your life.


Fabletics uses a subscription based selling system to grow their business and keep their clothing affordable. Customers can take a quiz to find their fashion personality, and then Fabletics tailors their clothing options to what they would most like or enjoy based on their personality. Stylish, affordable clothing, that is customized to each person’s own personality, is what is making Fabletics such a successful company. Adding in the convenience of a monthly membership makes it a win for busy people who want stylish, affordable clothing, but don’t have the time to shop for it all the time.


Fablectics planned to be a high value brand from day one. Their membership model allows them to give their customers personalized service and trendy products at a fraction of the price of their competitors. People are happy and continue to be long term customers when the company knows what they want and who they are.


Another part of Fabletics success in their use of reverse showrooming. Many brick and mortar retailers are being driven out of business by people shopping for items in person and then buying the items online or cheaper somewhere else. With everyone having smartphones, comparison shopping is easier than ever. For Fabletics, they have turned browsing into a positive for their company. They have started to open up traditional brick and mortar stores to complement their online subscription business. They now have several stores all around the country. Up to fifty percent of people who come to their stores are already members, coming to see the latest styles and offerings in person and try clothing on. When they are shopping and try on an article of clothing, it also goes into their online shopping cart, making the experience virtual as well. For Fablectics, it does not matter if the customer buys in the store or online. The traditional brick and mortar retail stores have just become another element of service that they provide to their customers. Another twenty five percent of those who come in the store, become members in the store. Even more people to add to their customer and subscription base.