David Osio is Committed to His Business

David Osio has a long standing commitment providing fiscal advice to customers. He founded the company Davos Financial Group in 1993 located in Venezuela, of which he is the Chief Executive Officer. Osio’s success is concentrated in his ability to create tailored services that are specific to each of his client’s requirements. He states that his work ethic is inherited from his time spent with Swiss Bank corporation as well as time spent with the American Banking Association.


Mr. Osio also formed the Davos Real Estate Group, which is one of the companies that make up the Davos financial Group which is a leading group in the Latin American community for some time now. There, they offer very comprehensive advise pertaining to finances. Their main goal is to formulate strategies for investments for each client. This often combines high quality services, the experience of a large professional, experienced powerhouse of a professional, licensed team as well as merging superior products within the regulatory model. Recently, his company Davos Real Estate Group declared to their customers, the start of an original new mobile application known as the Davos CAP calculator. This is exciting news as the app, is designed to compute the return on investments for real estate that are specific to the client’s interest.


The Executive Director of Davos Real Estate Group, Gerard González, works closely with the Tecknolution company for designing and developing the Davos CAP calculator app. With this tool one can easily determine an investments gains or losses, factoring in expenses that are often associated with the specific properties. The app is available on numerous platforms including Android devices and iPhones. This app heralds in the start of a series of applications for identifying various properties using a mobile device which can also forward the real estates historical reports to the client’s agent as a means of providing an interactive chat feature. This tool is especially valuable to assist in guiding client’s financial investments in the real estate market in the United States, providing an easy to understand guide for purchasing properties.. This is especially useful for determining the price of a specific properties rent.


One of the associated application is a mortgage Calculator for clients to easily see the mortgage amount which is based on the Bank projections as well as the associated interest rates and the actual period for funding.

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George Soros’ Opinion on Ukraine and the EU on Debt Relief

Ukraine is struggling to get a good deal from its creditors. It is a precondition that the IMF demands of the country. Talks for getting a good deal for the country are still ongoing. Another factor that has contributed to the hard economic times for the Ukrainian economy is Russian aggression according to George Soros Ukraine. It has made the Ukraine’s ability to pay back its debt unsustainable.

Unfortunately, for the Ukraine, there is no bankruptcy clause according to George Soros. It has left the country in a tough situation. The only leverage that the country currently holds is that it may default on its debt. However, that is a feasible cause of action. If that happens, bondholders of the country could threaten to discontinue investing in the country.

A default by a sovereign entity is usually quite costly. A good example of the lasting effects of sovereign default is Latin America in the 80s. Greece is also another good example. However, if a country can speedily resolve any issues with its creditors, it usually springs back within two years. The underlying economic problems keep a country off the market, not the default.

Nicholas Brady, a U.S. Treasury secretary, perfectly understood this issue in the 80s. He requested the banks to accept debt relief for Latin American nations that were moving towards debt reform. He knew that any problems the countries faced would not affect future investors as long as they showed promise through reform. Reference: http://www.nybooks.com/articles/2015/10/08/ukraine-europe-what-should-be-done/

Today Mr Brady is the chair of one of the largest private bondholders of Ukraine’s bonds. The company he heads is currently fiercely opposed to debt relief for the Ukraine. This is in stark contrast to the position he held in the 80s on the Latin American economies. Meanwhile, the Ukrainian government continues to press on with reform that Mr. Brady proposed in the 80s in Latin America. All these are steps aimed to qualify the country for debt relief.

In recent times, there has been a push by leading academics and policy makers for sovereign debt restructuring. It is already in use in the United States to help companies reorganize their debts so that they can avoid sinking into financial ruin. In the U.S., the law is known as Chapter 11, which assumes that forcing a company to pay off all its debts is bad for business.

The Ukrainian bondholders know that debt relief is bad for them. It will cause them to lose some money on their investments. However, they should admit that it is the only reason they are afraid of Ukrainian debt relief. The current efforts to convince Ukrainian lawmakers that debt relief is a bad thing should not continue. George Soros feels very strongly about this issue.

Additionally, George Soros warns that the E.U should take the issue of Ukrainian debt more seriously. If the Ukraine was able to get back on its feet, it could act as a buffer against Russia. However, the continued hardship that the Ukraine faces only continue to embolden Russia. George Soros is quite concerned about the lack of seriousness in the treatment of a resurgent Russia.

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Find Out More About Sam Boraie


Sam Boraie performs his duties as the vice president of Boraie Development company. The company is known to provide services that are focused on various areas of urban real estate market development, sales and marketing, and property management. The company has employed many workers who are dedicated to building spectacular properties and availing unparalleled services to its customers.

The company works with strong financial institutions, visionary architects, and contractors who are keen on deadlines so as to ensure timely and successful completion of all the projects.

Boraie Development continues to be a strong pillar in New Brunswick community, and it has been part of the modern urban developments that are visible in the community. Sam Boraie also works as one of the boards of trustees of the classical state theater that is located in Brunswick. Boraie Development Company is known to sponsor most of the events that take place in the State Theater.

Boraie acts as the member of the advisory board for the Elijah’s Promise, which is a nonprofit organization. The company has other projects that are situated in Newark and the Atlantic City. These projects are known to contribute to a better New Jersey.

Boraie Development is a firm that is committed to making use of vision and capital to accomplish its projects. The company has a record of more than 30 years, and this makes Boraie Development be one of the most sought after developers that are located in New Jersey. Boraie Development also uses private capital sources including large commercial banks as the source of its finances. The company is known to create projects that attract a lot of tenants, residents and also financial partners who do appreciate the company’s long-term ownership commitment.


Boraie Development Company was founded by Omar Boraie who had emigrated from Egypt to New Brunswick so as to earn his doctorate in Chemistry. One of the amazing things about Boraie Development is how the company is involved in the management of its assets. The company continuously engages in undertaking an endless improvement of its properties to ensure that they are properly taken care of.


The firm is involved in vigorous sales and marketing, and it has transacted millions of dollars in commercial land residential transactions. The development and also the property management are both integrated into the sales and marketing division to properly understand the business and residential factors better. The gathering of the local sales information is paramount in the development of projects. Sam Boraie has employed many specialists who oversee all the activities to make sure the projects meet the required standards.



FreedomPop Keeps Offering Low-Cost Alternatives To High Priced Cell Phone Service

It’s not at all hard to pay for a cell phone plan when the service only costs $20 per month, which is the cost of one the few service plans offered by FreedomPop. The plan has everything that any user could want, including all the 3G data that they could possibly use on top of having 1 GB of 4G LTE data. Most people prefer the unlimited everything plan from FreedomPop because the price is so low, and they can easily save $30 or more off of the general price that other carriers are charging for the same service. FreedomPop also allows customers to bring their own cell phone.


Some wireless providers will expect and require that their customers purchase a phone from them, especially if they want to get certain deals, but FreedomPop doesn’t require this. Allowing a customer to bring their own cell phone not only saves them more money but allows them to use a phone from another carrier that they may want to stick with. The typical phones used with FreedomPop services are iPhones as well as a Samsung Galaxy. As long as the operating system for the cell phone is 4.0 or higher on Android or 7.0 or higher with an iPhone, it will work on FreedomPop.


The service that is still very popular with FreedomPop is the free service, which is going strong and still has many customers using it on a regular basis. The free service is free for one year, but even if the customer chooses to upgrade to the paid plan for $10.99 after a year, they still will save an incredible amount of money compared to other carriers. The paid plan has the unlimited services customers need but only has 500 MB of data. The way that FreedomPop allows a customer to have more data is by earning more data.


Start earning data by completing surveys, offers, or even inviting friends to join FreedomPop. With 10 MB of data being given to users who complete offers, the credits will easily add up to additional data each month. Anyone who doesn’t want to earn extra data can always pay for Wi-Fi service, which costs just five dollars per month from FreedomPop and has millions of locations to connect to across the United States. Any FreedomPop review proves they’re quickly becoming the company of choice for wireless users because of their low prices and great coverage.

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Arena Mineirão Receives Platinum Leed Certification Seal

Construcap is a well-known Brazilian construction company. The institution was founded in the year 1994, and since then, it has completed several projects. The company currently serves several industries. Some of these include power, oil, and gas, automotive and manufacturing, infrastructure, mining, and metals. The company has done quite well since it was started, reporting a revenue of one billion. The organization gives twelve thousand employment opportunities to individuals in the country. Construcap has earned the respect of many people for having a constant concern in social responsibilities. The institution has a lot of respect for the environment too.

The Arena Mineirão is one of the biggest projects that were successfully completed by Construcap since it was founded several years ago. The project was concluded in the year 2013, and it recently announced that it had received the Platinum Leed Certification Seal. The special seal is considered the primary method of certification in the modern times for the projects that have complied with the principles of sustainability during construction. This is good news for the project owners and the construction company that was in charge of the project.

The body that is charged with the responsibility of certifying construction projects in Brazil is known as the US Green Building Council. It is very important for the buildings in the country to get the seal in order to be correctly certified. Without the certification, the construction company gets into serious legal battles.

The seal is applied through the Leed Online Platform. After a successful registration, the structure is monitored from the begging to the end to ensure that certain principles and actions are followed. For a project to get the seal, it must fulfill the sustainability criteria. Some of these include the rational use of water, reuse or recycling of the materials, energy efficacy, quality indoor environment and technology innovation.

After a project has received the seal, it is considered to be safer for the people living in it. Getting the certification is not a walk in the park. The whole process takes several years, and it can be exhausting for the concerned parties.

Geoffrey Cone Promotes Global Movement

Geoffrey Cone knows that global movement is one of the best ways that people can do different things in the way that they can change their life. As a global attorney, he supports moving internationally but he wants to make sure that people are doing it the right way so that unexpected problems don’t crop up.


By making sure that things go smoothly with movement, Geoffrey Cone is ensuring that people will get the chance to have a great move and will not have to deal with any of the major issues that can come up with moving whether globally or not. By doing this, Geoffrey Cone is able to make sure that people will be more successful and that they will be happier with the different things that they can do when they are choosing a different country aside from the one that they are in to move to.


When Geoffrey Cone first started out, he knew that he wanted to help people decide on where they should move. He always works with people to help them come up with that decision. Doing this, he allows people to make the decision for themselves but he gives them the chance to learn as much as possible about the countries that they could possibly move to. This is something that makes the decision process easier and gives Geoffrey Cone the chance to make things better when people want to move to a different country. He is able to provide more help to these people.


Despite the fact that Geoffrey Cone has been able to help people with moves to different countries, he still works hard to make sure that he is providing them with a lot of opportunity. One tool that Geoffrey uses very often is the tax haven list. He provides this to people who want to move somewhere that the taxes are not very high. The list has countries on it that have either very low taxes or no taxes at all. This is beneficial for people who make a lot of money and who want to make sure that they are making the right decision on where they are going to move to.


When it comes to moving, some people think that New Zealand is the best place. It is a great place for many reasons but one of the reasons that people list for moving there is the taxes of the country. This is not a good reason to move to New Zealand because there are normal taxes in the country. It is not a tax haven and people still have to pay money in taxes to be able to live there. This makes it harder for people who think they don’t have to pay.

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