Ms. Martinez and Her Successful Music Career

Norka Martinez Luque is the new pop star in the Latin music community. This sensational singer began singing at quite a young age (8 years). During her time in high school, she took part in singing competitions such as the “Festival of Gaitas” and “The “Golden Voice.” Her love for music was so profound that she even slept while listening to music. From her profile, we find that she slept while listening to songs from some of the celebrated Latin musicians.

Norka as a student

When Luque graduated from high school, she relocated to France to study business administration. She also got the opportunity to learn French, a language she longed to master. While in school, Martinez did not sideline her ambition of becoming a professional singer.

Norka created time to perform in the nightclubs in the country. She also joined a rock band known as Bad Moon Rising. This band performed alternative tunes in clubs and during local events. She learned quite a lot and also got to meet professionals in the European music industry thanks to the band.

After performing with the band for several years, Norka Martinez Luque part ways with the band to launch her own career. She felt that she did not explore her full potential while with the band. This was when she moved to the United States to pursue music professionally.

Music and awards

Martinez settled in Miami soon after she arrived in the United States. She knew that it was easy being noticed in this city more than any other city in the US. Miami is a home to many Latin American musicians and producers. Emilio Estefan, Julio Iglesias, Archie Pena, Ricky Martin, Enrique Iglesias are good examples.

Norka kick-started her career as a dancer; she danced in nightclubs along the Miami region before becoming a singer. Her life changed when she met Emilio Estefan (a Grammy Award winning prouder). Mr. Estefan signed her to his record label and showed her all that she needed to know about the music industry.

In 2011, she released her first professional album dubbed “Miracle.” The album was a success; it sold several copies in the United States, Venezuela, and Puerto Rico. In the same year, she got a nomination for the Female Pop Artist of the Year at the Lo Nuestro Awards. In 2012, Ms. Martinez was featured on the cover of Latin Show Magazine.

Andrew Heiberger Grows His Empire

Town Residential is a luxury real estate brokerage company located in New York City. It has only been in operation since 2010, yet in that time it has done more than $10 billion in real estate sales. Its largely thanks to the strategic mind and leadership of Andrew Heiberger, the company’s CEO. Andrew is an industry leader with a keen business mind and a knack for marketing. He drives his talented staff of 500 real estate representatives to be the best version of themselves at Town Residential. He sells more than real estate. He sells his customers a complete vision of the luxury lifestyle they always dreamed of.


Andrew Heiberger is a long time veteran of the real estate industry. He has overseen sales and leasing for 50,000 properties. This is why Town Residential is truly a company integrated into New York City itself. It is connected to other powerful companies through strategic partnerships. One such partnership is with Thor Equities, a prominent owner of retail space in the city. This partnership allowed Town Residential to acquire a prestigious new office space in the meatpacking district.


Town Residential’s classy new office is the 10th place of business the company has opened. It is key to the company’s expansion plans because it is located right along the Hudson River in a high end residential neighborhood. The building has an amazing appeal to it. It has 16 foot high ceilings and a 7,000 square foot floor space. On the top floor is an amazing roof deck that is styled out gorgeously. Its the place where Town Residential’s brokers take clients to impress them and close deals. There are many brokers who are eager to join the Town Residential, so they can experience Andrew’s leadership and have access the company’s facilities. There are even boutique real estate firms who want to partner with it. Thomas & Ingram is one such company. It is a firm that specializes in the West Village of New York. It has decided to move its employees into the new office to strengthen the partnership it has with Town Residential.


Andrew sees massive potential for growth in the West Side of New York City. His new office is strategically located at one of the entrances of High Line park to capitalize on the growing opportunity. High line park is the epicenter for condominium developments and shopping experiences that cater to the expanding luxury class of New York City. Town Residential is there to serve these customers and give them a glimpse of what high class living on the West Side can be.


The Services and Achievements of Madison Street Capital.

Madison Street Capital is a multinational investment banking company that has dedicated itself to offering services with integrity, leadership, and excellence. The firm primarily provides finance guidance to the corporate world, which includes private and publicly held enterprises. Madison comprehends the sensitivity of time in the corporate finance sector, and therefore, it offers quick and determined responses to the various opportunities. The strategies that the firm uses develop financial structures for companies enable all parties that are involved to benefit greatly. They staff of the enterprise has the skills, experience, and connections to link sellers and buyers and also provide a relevant financing and investment structure to diverse situations that the clients face.

The approaches that the company uses show a significant specialization and experience in different fields of corporate finance. These sections include valuations, merger and acquisitions, specified financing, creation and executions of exit strategies, transaction structuring, and market pricing. The company has been assisting customers in hundreds of industries to attain their mission within the time that is required. Madison’s skills and experience in the management and financing of companies made it be recognized as a top provider of guidance on finance services and valuations. The company has branches in North America, Asia, and Africa, and therefore, it has built great networks and relationships.

The services that the company offers can be broken down into six main units. The first is corporate advisory, which consists of capital restructuring, merger and acquisitions, ESOP advisory, buyout advisory, private placements, corporate governance, reorganizing services, and bankruptcy services. Business valuation deals with tax compliance and value estimations of companies. Assessment of financial reports is associated with goodwill & intangible asset impairment, buying price allocation, organized finance products, and share-based compensation. The asset administration industry section comprises of portfolio valuation, merger & acquisitions guidance, financial donor coverage, and restructuring services. Wealth protection and tax strategizing deal with business exits, wealth accumulation, and tax planning. The last section is the financial opinions, which is focused on solvency & capital sufficiency and independent 3rd party fairness suggestions.

The Madison Street Capital reputation has raised since it has been honored by being awarded for the excellent services that it offers. It is among the fast-rising boutique investment businesses that provide services to lower-middle to middle-market worldwide. Some of the awards that the firm has received include the 10th Annual M&A Advisor Turnaround Awards Refinancing Deal of the Year of 2015 and in the same year it was honored in the NACVA’s 40 Under Forty Industry Mavericks Award. In 2016, Madison Street Capital has won three awards, and they are 7th Annual Emerging Leaders Awards, Industrials Deal of the Year in the 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards, and the Cross-Border Deal of the Year in the 8th Annual International M&A Advisor Awards. It has also been nominated for the 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards where it is a contesting for the Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year.

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Growing With Madison Street Capital

There are a lot of investment firms today trying to help customers take their finances to the next level. However, few investment firms have had the success of Madison Street Capital in this area over the past couple of years. This is a company that has done a great job of connecting with their customers. Personal finance is a difficult subject to understand, and a lot of people need help with their retirement planning. If you want to take your finances to the next level, this is a great company to work with. One of the things that separates Madison Street Capital from other investment firms is their customer service. This is a company that is dedicated to customers in a variety of ways.

Madison Street Capital

When the company was first started, Madison Street Capital had a small group of customers who trusted the company to help them get to the next level. Over the past couple of years, the company has invested a lot of time and money in order to upgrade their technology services. Clients today can go into their account and see how they are performing versus the market. Investors today want more information than ever before, and this is a great way for them to get it. Madison Street Capital wants to help customers any way that they can, and this is why the company is one of the fastest growing firms in the country today.

Financial Advice

Having success with your personal finances is a lot simpler than many people realize. Over the past couple of years, the company has worked to make a cohesive plan that is easy for others to follow. If you want to invest in your future, this is a great company to work with. They are great at helping clients understand their finances and area that they need to concentrate on in order to improve. If you want to invest your money with people who care about your success, Madison Street Capital is the way to go.

Future Plans

In the future, Madison Street Capital plans to continue its rapid growth and expansion. The company is doing a lot of investments into helping their clients, and they have even begun to get involved in the local community. If you want to take your finances to the next level, this is the company that you should be working with. Madison Street Capital has a great foundation for helping people get to a new level with their money. Their investment advice is among the best in the business, and they have a track record of success in helping others as well. Madison Street Capital is a great example of a quality company with a great reputation in the investment industry.

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Whistleblowing Paid Under Protection of SEC, Governmental Bureaucratic Wealth Transition Agents

Many historians can point out what the agents of centralized government do to freedom and individual rights. Many will rewrite history to erase what the purpose is of officials who are not elected by the political system and the results of what they have done to negate liberty with regulations. In the future, it is likely that historians will have a great deal to say about the new crony in Washington D. C., the SEC Whistleblower. These are professional legal agents of the progressive wave of socialist wealth transition from one class of people to another. The cronies are gainfully employed, to make an understatement, under these new reforms that were passed in 2010 under the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act which is legislation that was passed under the Democrat Progressive Majority in Congress. This also resulted in a wave of Tea Party voters who rallied together and voted them out of office to reestablish the opposition party, the Conservative Republicans, in the halls U. S. House and eventually reestablished the Republican Majority in the Senate in a similar wave in 2014.

One of the goals of the Republican Congress with a Republican president in office is to Repeal Dodd-Frank, to stop all this wealth transition from the Wall Street capitalists who prefer less government interference or prefer their choice of government regulators. The Republicans campaign on this choice this time around even though Wall Street has been heavily courted by the Democrat choice, Clinton who is privately meeting with them to continue to get their donations and telling them what they want to hear, and who publicly campaigns against the ‘evils’ of Wall Street Capitalists.

The golden position of the SEC Whistleblower lawyer will be well preserved no matter which party gains power in 2016 to the halls of congress and the White House as what tends to happen is that each concern finds ways to utilize laws in place to get funds from the donors who wish to preserve or gain some kind of advantage.

The SEC Whistleblower attorney will help to arm the whistleblower with the legal assistance to expose illegal investor predatory activities that are swindling money way from unwitting retirees, novice investors and others involved in making trades. Various types of infractions that whistleblowers can report on to the SEC are, insider trading, offering fraud, financial fraud, trading and pricing, market manipulation, municipal securities, foreign corrupt practices act and market events. What is best for the golden calf of this Whistleblower opportunity is that they are protected against employer retaliation under Dodd-Frank and the SEC program.