Millennials to Save Atlantic City

Attracting millennials to save a dying city sounds like a pretty solid plan. That’s what a few housing developers are trying to do in Atlantic City. Atlantic City has been rebuilt, time and time again. Many developers have placed their vision into reviving Atlantic City but with an economic crash, unemployment rates sky high and poverty among all, it seems as if there is no way out of this crisis for the city. In a 2010 census survey, there was only approximately 13.6 percent of the city’s population between the ages of 25 and 34. That means new people are not being attracted to come live in the city. Without the attraction of people and millennials, in particular, Atlantic city will be stuck in its current state. By increasing the housing market in the area, developers believe that they can attract more millennials to fill the city with life start putting money into housing once again. This would increase the economy and increase the tax base. John Longacre, President of LPMG properties, plans to take over the Morris Guards Armory and turn it into 32 apartments. CEO of Alpha Funding Solutions, Mark Callazzo, has ideas to turn an old firehouse into apartments as well.

Vice president of Boraie development, Wasseem Boraie, has already started building in the area. He believes that having many projects going at once is a good way to attract people and cause an economic boom. There is also hope that these projects will attract more investors to start building. Wasseem Boraie started working with NBA star Shaquille O’Neal on projects in Newark, a place where the NBA star grew up. With the help of Waseem, O’Neal wants to rejuvenate the places where he once spent his childhood by turning old theatres and buildings into trendy modern day hang out spots.

Boraie Development definitely has the experience needed for this kind of development, however, getting more investors and getting people to move into the city can be a challenge. Boraie Development states that they have big plans for the city and that they are excited to put those plans into action.

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Kevin Seawright Pushes Affordable Housing in Baltimore

Kevin Seawright founded his joint partnership, RPS Solutions in 2015. His major objective was to rebuild and reinvigorate the community of Baltimore, Maryland. Baltimore at one time was a big manufacturing city, and a major seaport. Currently they are a major educational area and medical services city. John Hopkins Medical Center and University are located there. Kevin is interested in providing affordable housing to everyone in the community. He wants to help the region exceed the current home-ownership rate of 48.3 percent. Filling the area known as Belvedere Square is his current project.

Seawright knows that increasing home ownership will help build vibrant neighborhoods and increase economic activity in the area. RPS Solutions offers real estate purchasing services to individuals seeking ownership. They connect individuals with mortgage lenders and help them through the process of obtaining a mortgage. They push development of new properties and do custom renovations of buildings that need it.

Kevin’s Accomplishments

Kevin Seawright has used his financial and administrative operations skills for more than 13 years, to improve communities on the East Coast. He is currently President and Chief Financial Officer the Newark Economic Development Corporation, where he is working towards the rebuilding of Baltimore. Through his understanding of Information Technology tools and accounting and finance, he has helped many organizations function more effectively. He has helped organizations with staff retention, recruitment efforts, collective bargaining and salary adjustments. He has been in charge of over $400M in of local government funds. He has handled over $600M for capital construction as well.

He has served local government and private organizations in budgetary roles, and as finance director and executive director. His basic principles include establishing a good rapport with staff, managers, clients and constituents. He promotes efficiency and reliability in accounting, finance, negotiations and change management. He has the knowledge of how to obtain local, state and federal funding for projects. Kevin received the Met Life, Bridges to the Future Award in 2010 for finance and operations. He currently has an MBA and is pursuing a degree in Executive Leadership at Notre Dame.  Kevin can be followed personally on his SoundCloud account.

Understanding the Risks That Come With Short Term Renting

A huge number of homeowners in America are renting rooms in their homes (or the entire home) to short-term tenants and even travelers. They are using one of the many online rental platforms that specialize in this business. The aim is to make some extra cash that is then used in making rental and mortgage payments for the properties. People living in expensive areas and neighborhoods find this to be an economical way to meet mortgage payment demands.

However, despite the rising growth of this business, many homeowners are ignorant of the many challenges and risks that come with short-term renting to strangers and travelers.

1. Homeowner’s Insurance Policies Do Not Extend to Short Term Rentals

Many insurance policies do not cover owners who rent their properties on a short term basis. This is because this coverage is often viewed as quite risky and uneconomical by the insurance company. In order to protect one’s assets, the homeowner should either get a complete business liability policy, upgrade their policy or add a rider that ensures that they are covered. They could also decide to only rent to tenants with insurance coverage.

2. Increased Risk
Tenants often increase the risk of damage to a property as opposed to family and friends more so if they rent short-term.

3. Inadequate Coverage from Online Rental Platforms

Online rental platforms only offer a guarantee of insurance and not actually a full coverage. It is only accessible after the home owner proves that they have exhausted all other avenues.

Richard Blair

Richard Blair is the owner of Wealth Solutions Inc., an investment advisory firm that is registered and based in Austin, Texas. He founded the company to offer great investment advice to small business owners, families and individuals. Blair has reiterated that the reason why he chose to educate people on effective investment methods is because he comes from a family of teachers. He experienced firsthand how education can change a person’s life by allowing them to grow their knowledge and confidence.

Blair entered the world of financial services immediately after graduating from college. He founded Wealth Solutions Inc. in 1994, and has since offered excellent and unbiased financial advice with no conflict of interest. He has gained immeasurable experience and knowledge in retirement planning. He has held the coveted industry securities registration for nearly 22 years and has grown his fund into a $55 million worth RIA.

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Investment Expert Brad Reifler

Investing can be a tricky business. Investors almost always are looking to make money and keep losses to a minimum. Having quality investing principals can often make the difference between winning and losing in this arena. Entrepreneur Brad Reifler is very familiar with these challenges. Recently he shared some tips on how the average person can have success with investing.

Reifler’s advice can be summarized with three basic tips. First, avoid investing all your money in the stock market. Safety is important when it comes to your money. Second, get to know your money managers. You need to trust who is handling your money. Finally, understand why you are investing and what your objectives are. Reifler believes these tips will lead to success for anyone. His track record serves as proof he knows what he is talking about.

Brad Reifler is a well-known entrepreneur. He is the founder of Forefront Capital and also chairman and CEO of Pali Capital, a global financial services firm. Reifler has many years of experience as an entrepreneur and investor. He began his career with his first business, Reifler Trading Company in the 1980’s. This company handled millions of dollars in discretionary accounts before eventually being acquired by Refco Inc., the world’s largest futures company in 2000.

A graduate of Bowdoin College, went on to begin Pali Capital after his time with Refco came to an end. As Chairman and CEO, Reifler led the company to great success. The company to grew to well over $200 million and currently has offices in the United States and Australia. Today Reifler works as the CEO of Forefront Advisory, which specializes in providing expert advice to various traders.

After more than 30 years, Reifler is still sought out by many. He spends time educating the middle class on saving money for the future. These efforts have been noticed by the likes of Yahoo Finance and Market Watch. He continues to be outspoken in the community about preparing for the future.  Read the full story on XRepublic.

Make Your Company Popular with Online Reputation Management

What Does Your Online Image Look Like?

It is truly inspiring and amazing to see what a professional and well qualified online public relations company can do for your brand, your name and your image. I know that when my company had some press that we did not approve of the first thing that we did to resolve the issue was seek out a public relations company that holds a lot of stock in the digital world. Status Labs is the company we chose to work with because they have worked with over 1,000 companies and individuals. They helped these people and companies turn around their online image, so I knew they could do the same thing for my brand. I also found an article on the Huffington Post about Status Labs and what the company did in order to fix their own online image.

Status Labs’ Online Image Over Time

Status Labs’ is the online image management company that knows how to fix any bad press that may have come out about your company or your brand. They went through some bad press of their own when a former executive decided to act poorly without the company’s best interests in mind. This executive was let go from the company after the employees decided to vote to get rid of the executive. After this change in leadership, Status Labs decided to bring in some new ideas in terms of their community outreach and their employee benefits.

According to this article from The Daily Beast, Status Labs knows what to do to fix any poor press. They know what needs to be done to make your brand popular among the public. When you first meet someone, the first thing most people do is search your name or your company’s name in a search engine. Even after the executive that used to work with Status Labs’ soiled their company name, Status Labs was able to recover and bring back a positive image to their company’s name. Darius Fisher speaks about their journey in an article from the Huffington Post.

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Accusations Made Against San Francisco District Attorney

District Attorney, George Gascon, is now under fire with accusations of racism. His accuser, Gary Delagnes is the former president of the Police Officiers Association, or the POA of the San Francisco area.


According to, Delagnes spent 25 years on the force and retired in 2013, stepping down as president of the POA. Gascon, also a former chief of police, was elected as District Attorney in 2011. Seeing that these individuals share such a similar background, it came as a surprise when Delagnes lashed out with allegations that Gascon made such racially disparaging remarks.


Specifically, Delagnes speaks about a particular day in 2010. Along with himself and George Gascon, current POA President Martin Halloran was also in attendance. The event was a police union leadership forum organized by Harvard Law School.


Delagnes portrays the evening as a drunken Gascon disparaging minorities. “He became so loud and animated that an African American patron approached Chief Gascon and asked him to restrain himself because his behavior was offending his family,” Delagnes tells reporters. Martin Halloran backs up Delagnes claims, but refused to go into detail unless he was called on to testify as a witness against Gascon.


Despite this one instance, Delagnes says that through the years of the two working together, Gascon never once said anything that lead him to think that Gascon believed racial issues afflicted the San Francisco Police Department. Now that Gascon is no longer police chief, as he was during the controversial statements made in 2010, and throughout the time he worked closely with Delagnes, his views have changed. Delanges claims Gascon complains about an old boys’ network even though his staff was almost entirely made up of graduates of San Francisco Catholic schools.


Spokesman of the district attorney’s office commented on the allegations, “What he lacks in credibility, he makes up for in imagination,” sending his own shots at the former POA Preisdent, Gary Delagnes.

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Some of the Life Activities of Charles Koch

Charles Koch is a well-known business man and philanthropist. He was born on November 1st 1935. He is the current Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Koch Industries. He inherited the business from his father when it was originally involved in oil refining and chemicals.

Charles Koch is also a political donor and on numerous occasions, he has contributed to the Republican Party, libertarian groups and cultural institutions. He has also founded the Koch Cultural Trust where he supports creative artists. Charles has also received various awards and honors such as President’s Medal from Wichita University and Honorary Doctor of Laws from Babson College.

George Mason University has been getting a lot of publicity due to the numerous donations from Charles Koch. Since 2011to 2014, the Charles Koch Foundation has given almost $48 million to George Mason University. The donations are not in monetary terms alone. Charles Koch contribution to the school has raised eyebrows since other universities are not getting the same amounts of donations. According to tax records, other universities are getting an average of $1 million from the foundation. Donations from billionaires in the US is not an unusual thing but Charles Koch motives towards George Mason University are been questioned. Coming to his defense are his representative who maintain that all these is done without any conditions whatsoever.

Most boards and institutes in George Mason are made up of individuals who have very close relations with Koch and his brother. According to Council for Aid to Education, that promotes corporate help to universities and colleges, Charles Koch has given over $44.6 million in the year 2013. The University’s law school recently reported of a $10 million donation from Charles Koch Foundation. The funds given to the University are also directed to its Institute for Humane Studies where Charles Koch is the Chairman of the Board. The dedication towards George Mason University is attributed to Richard Fink who is an executive vice president of Koch Industries. On the university’s board sits Kimberly Dennis whose close ties with Koch Industries arises from being the president and CEO of Searle Freedom Trust. Some students have been on the forefront in questioning the university to give an explanation of this close and budding relationship with the Kochs. This is just part of the greater movement that is questioning the Kochs’ motives.

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DIVERSANT, A Premier IT Staffing and Solutions Provider

DIVERSANT is a fully certified Minority Business Enterprise and the leading African American owned Information Technology solutions and staffing company. It is based in the United States. The firm provides a wide range of IT staffing services as well as various products that include provision of IT talent on permanent basis, contingent and on contract. All the services are aimed at meeting the needs of DIVERSANT’s Fortune 500 as well as mid-market clients in a given number of industries. DIVERSANT is highly committed to offering premier services to all its clients, partners and consultants.

The company is committed to the promotion of diversity within the supply chain and at the workplace. The company believes that diversity in its entire forms results in greater prospects for consultants and partners in addition to innovative solutions for clients. DIVERSANT’s products and services stem from original and transformative ideas that are aimed at meeting the requirements of clients, associates, and the communities that they serve. The fundamental of its IT services are proprietary top methodologies that facilitate results of the highest quality.

John Goullet serves as the principal of DIVERSANT. As an entrepreneur, he has developed several successful businesses within the information technology sector. John commenced his career first as an IT consultant before changing to IT staffing. With a vast knowledge of the emerging market trends, he established Info Technologies, an IT staffing firm specializing on offering solutions to Fortune 500 companies in the entire nation. In five years, Info Technologies expanded into a $30 million venture. As a result, it earned the number 8 position list of the 500 fastest growing privately owned companies in the US on Inc. Magazine. In 2010, John and Gene amalgamated Info Technologies and DIVERSANT Inc. to form DIVERSANT LLC.

Serving as DIVERSANT Principal, John continues with his passion for creating innovative ways of meeting the complexities facing the ever-changing IT market. Apart from being a seasoned information technology/systems staffing professional, John focuses on IT project management, application development as well as mobile development, network operations and engineering. His other specialties include web solutions, solutions architecture, data analysis and architecture, infrastructure support and quality assurance.

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Understanding America One Bus Stop at a Time

Doug Levitt was recently interviewed by Diane Rehm on Public Radio. Levitt, once a correspondent based in London, decided to chronicle his adventures traveling across America aboard Greyhound buses. Buses are almost forgotten as a means to travel; even trains are looked down on by the ever expanding jet-set. His collection of stories aptly named the Greyhound Diaries examines common life in America; the life forgotten by many whose ideas of happiness are centered on having money and power. All in the Family has been replaced by The Kardashians.

There was a social revolution during the 1960’s when hippies and others combating staid, conservative society boldly formed a new culture in which people returned to nature and the simple life.

Levitt also sings, plays guitar and writes songs. His approach is similar to that of Johnny Cash and his music about the hard life in America. Woody Guthrie wrote music and sang about the common man in America. Folk singers and their songs more fully represent the culture of America than popular music.

Once, after finishing a week hiking the Appalachian trail, I left the trail for the highway and felt that cars were streaking by, traveling too fast, the birds flying near the highway hardly had time to escape being struck.  Another time flying from New York to Miami; looking out the window at the beauty of the Florida coast and the adjacent Intercoastal Waterway, I was reminded of a time I sailed that same channel moving only a little faster than walking speed. I thought I might recognize some of the areas because of my earlier, slower voyage, and I could; there miles below me was the Matanzas Inlet near St. Augustine where I took my eyes off the channel markers watching a sandy beach, strayed and bumped on a sand bar.

Doug Levitt’s efforts; his writings, and songs, should be read and heard by all of us.
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Keith Mann: Philanthropist Offering Opportunity

Keith Mann has recently announced a scholarship opportunity for high school students living in New York City. The Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement is a great opportunity for students looking to make a career in business. The award is designed to recognize the next generation of business leaders, especially those who appear to have innovative ideas and the dedication to bring those ideas to life. Keith and his wife, Keely, are proud partners of Uncommon Schools. The non-profit New York City-based charter management organization is implementing the scholarship opportunity. It will be awarded to one graduating senior attending one of Uncommon Schools in Brooklyn each year.

Any applicant looking to apply for this scholarship is asked to write a 1,000-word essay on how they believe earning a college degree will aid them in accomplishing any and all professional goals. There is not a specific profession, so it’s open to all graduating seniors attending Uncommon Charter High School in Brooklyn looking to enter any profession. The application process starts in February and the winner is announced in March. They will receive a $5,000 scholarship to apply towards their college tuition.
Joe Frick, one of the members of the Uncommon Schools organization is a college counselor at Uncommon Charter High School. He said, “We are grateful to Keith and Keely Mann for implementing this generous scholarship program at our school. This scholarship will help ensure that one of our students has the means to attend a four-year college.”

Keith Mann responded in kind saying, “We want to support the Uncommon Schools’ goal of preparing low-income students to not only attend, but graduate from college and go on to succeed professionally using their degree. The scholarship will support this mission.”
Mann is the Founder of Dynamics Search Partners. He is also a philanthropist and a determined advocate for education. He is committed to identifying strong leaders and pairing them with companies that better their success. He established Dynamics Search Partners in 2009 after spending 15 years in the search industry.

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