Heather Parry’s Work on A Star is Born… and Beyond

Heather Parry took over as president of Live Nation in December of 2015. Live Nation is a massive American company responsible for huge radio shows and concert productions. Instead of a flashy and public announcement of her ascension to presidency, rather, she chose to simply resume her work. As a hard-working woman and a new president – Parry holds her new job and industry incredibly close. One of her missions as in her new position is to foster a good relationship with the film industry, and to prove that movies about music can be serious pieces of art in film.

Live Nation and Parry’s work have been nominated or won a plethora of awards and honours. ‘Eagles of Death Metal,’ was nominated for two critic’s choice awards. Parry has also been instrumental in the Lady Gaga documentary: ‘Five Foot Two,’ and the ‘Puff Daddy Bad Boy Records story, Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop.’ While these were not rewarded as dearly, they were both received well by critical and casual viewers. While these are some of Heather Parry’s more public works – and not inclusive of her behind the scenes work, it is not her most well known. Without a doubt, Heather Parry’s most notable work is on ‘A Star is Born.’

‘A Star is Born’ was one of the biggest films of 2018. Parry actually requested to be involved with the film, as she believed it could be integral to the mission of Live Nation – marrying critical film and music into serious media. Heather Parry’s reputation in the industry gave her the clout to become involved in the film, and as Live Nation owns over 200 music festivals, and thousands of venues and similar. This led to a mutually beneficial relationship that helped borne one of the most successful films of the year.