Chris Burch Opens Up Luxury Hotel As A Gift To His Children

Chris Burch is a businessman and entrepreneur who has always been up for the extravagant things in life. He is a venture capitalist, who made a fortune from starting up numerous fashion brands, most of which have done extremely well in the market. He is extremely business minded and believes in seizing an opportunity when he sees one. One of his most recent ventures has been the Nihiwatu, a premier luxury resort in Indonesia. Located on the beautiful island of Nihi Sumba, the Nihiwatu has gained a massive fan following from travel lovers and famous personalities alike. The hotel is considered to be the gold standard for luxury hotels and is sure to give its visitors the best of everything, in one beautiful destination.   Have a view of the investor’s details on

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The Nihiwatu has gained such an incredible response that it was given the number one spot in the best hotels in the world list that was put out by Travel + Leisure magazine. This, however, is not the first time they are appearing in the magazine, as they were also given the same position in last year’s list. The hotel has received some of the best reviews from people who have got to experience this little pocket of heaven on earth. Check for additional article.

The Nihiwatu turned out to be everything that Chris Burch had envisioned for the destination. He bought the property along with his friend and business partner, James McBride, who is a well-known hotelier who has numerous hotels and resorts all over the world. The two of them spent roughly around thirty million buying the entire property and renovating it to be this grand and luxurious. The hotel has been operational since 2015 and has seen numerous visitors from all over the world who want to indulge in a little bit of luxury.

The Nihiwatu was built by Chris Burch to give as a gift to his children. He wanted to give them something that was beautiful and which they could preserve and cherish as they grow up. But along with giving them something special, Chris Burch also wanted to help people of the island and give back to them for letting him buy this beautiful space. With the Nihiwatu, the economy of the island has increased drastically, with numerous jobs also being created as a result of this. For related article, check

The Nihiwatu has twenty-seven luxury villas, each with their plunge pool and personal butler. Chris Burch also has his own home constructed on the property, which he spends a great amount of time at.  Browse for more related article here,.

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Sujit Choudhry Talks about How Comparative Law Can Help Get Rid of Instability in Ukrainian Government

Sujit Choudhry recently attended the workshop organized by Center for Policy and Legal Reforms, which is one of the most influential think tanks in Ukraine. The seminar was held in collaboration with the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance, which is another global institute that conducts research, discusses, and mobilizes constitution and government related knowledge and information. The workshop was held to discuss ways to improve the existing governance system being practiced in Ukraine, which has proved to be weak and unstable. The seminar was attended by many other dignitaries and experts from the legal field, including Sergyi Holovatyi, Vladimir Vasilenko, Thomas Sidelius, Sumit Bisarya, and many others.  Additional reading on

Sujit Choudhry said at the workshop that every country has their weaknesses and strengths, but that the strengths should be overpowering to ensure that the flaws do not take over. However, he believes it is exactly the opposite with the government in Kiev where the lack of any strong political party and the imbalance in the power distribution between the President and Prime Minister has weakened the political structure. Sujit Choudhry said that there are also many loopholes present in the legislations that govern the country’s electoral system and process. As one of the most prominent experts in the field of comparative law, he suggested many different ways that can be implemented to help improve the governance of the country and get rid of the instability that the Ukrainian Government has been facing for the last couple of decades. For more of his insight and views, check on this.

Sujit Choudhry is a professor at the Berkeley Law College and has also served as Dean at Berkeley. Sujit Choudhry is a firm believer in the power of comparative law and wants the world to come together to understand its importance and use it to make possible amendments in their respective constitutions. For an update of his timeline activities, click on

Sujit Choudhry feels that as the world transforms and moves ahead, there is a dire need for the legal systems across the globe to change and evolve as well. Check this recently written article of Sujit on  And, it is where the comparative law comes in. He is one of the founding directors of a one of its kind organization on comparative law, namely Center for Constitutional Transitions.  For related article, head over to this.

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Christopher Burch – An Expert In Entrepreneurship and Investment

Christopher Burch is an American Entrepreneur and Investor. He is the CEO and Founder of an investment company known as Burch Creative Capital. Through his company, Christopher applies his entrepreneurial values and vision for the new market to support ideas and concepts that have the potential to scale large. He believes that implementing imagination, creativity, scale, and support to business and brands will lead them to create a long-lasting impact that is direct and positive.

Burch Creative Capital has participated in the rise of more than 50 companies. This is due Christopher Burch’s 30 years experience within the field of investment and entrepreneurship. Christopher has a very extensive track record due to his expertise in the fields mentioned. His ability to combine an intuitive understanding of consumer behavior with direct and international sourcing has led to this track record. Christopher Burch has backed a number of brand and businesses including ED by Ellen Degeneres, Cocoon9, Poppin, and TRADEMARK. Recently, Burch Creative Capital has broadened their type of investment to several lifestyle and consumer product brands. These types of brands range from home furnishings to organic foods and technology.  Check for additional article.

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Christopher Burch’s decision to broaden the type investments that his company makes has resulted in a very positive way. In 2012, Christopher had decided to invest in the industry of hospitality. A beach hostel located on the Indonesian island of Sumba was purchased by Burch Creative Capital along with an hotelier known as James McBride. Together, an investment of $30 million was made to renovate this hostel. In 2015, this location was reopened as a 5-star resort called Nihiwatu.

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The opening of the resort resulted in great success. Following its opening, Nihiwatu was named the best result in the world by Travel + Leisure in 2016. Click on for more of this. This achievement was a great step forward for both Christopher Burch and his company. Christopher states that resort was developed for his children and as a place to reserve. He also stated that Nihiwatu is a way to give back to the community of Sumba. To read more of his interview, hit

The success that the resort has received was more than expected to Christopher Burch. Nihiwatu is now another home for Christoper and his family. The resort consists of 27 villas including the one in which Christopher lives in.

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Louis Chenevert’s Legacy Continues to Take UTC to New Heights

Louis R. Chenevert is known for being a Canadian businessman. He was born in 1958 and retired from being the Chief Executive Officer of UTC. Another role that he held was President of Pratt & Whitney Canada. Chenevert started his career after he received his bachelor of Commerce degree from HEC Montreal, the business school that is affiliated with the University of Montreal. In March of 2006, Chenevert was chosen to be the Chief Operating Officer and the President at UTC. In 1991 he was then elected to be the president of Pray & Whitney. This position was offered to him after he had been working with Pratt & Whitney for over six years. Before being offered this position he had worked 24 years at General Motors.
United Technologies is known for assembling the world’s most advanced jet engines for both military users and commercial. Their job does not stop there though. UTC is also known for operating the world’s biggest escalator and elevator company. Louis Chenevert was chosen to be the CEO of UTC during the subprime recession. During just this week UTC’s share price was able to raise from being $37 to $117. There is no doubt that Louis Chenevert took United Technologies Corporation to new heights.
In 2009 he was honored as being the recipient of the Honor Award from the National Building Museum. Then, in 2011, Chenevert was named as being Person of the Year in U.S. Aviation Trade Magazine. In 2015, Chenevert began serving as the Exclusive Advisor in the Merchant Banking Division. At this point, it is safe to say that Chenevert is one busy businessman.
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For the second consecutive year, Nihi Sumba was named the world’s best hotel by Travel & Leisure. This Indonesian Island resort bought and renovated by entrepreneur Chris Burch in 2012 is unbeatable one of the world’s most exquisite places.

Burch and hotelier James McBride invested an estimated $30 million in renovations and the resort was a five-star resort, complete with a change of name from Nihiwatu to Nihi Sumba Island.The name, meaning “mortal stone” was borrowed from a rock formation caused by the tide.

The resort comprises two villas both of which are two-story each interlinked with a bamboo bridge. Each of the villas has a bedroom, a bathroom and a balconing opening up to the vast island beyond the horizon.

Dotted across various spots are 27 private villas with plunge pools that overlook the Nihi Beach which leads to the Indian Ocean.  To read more article and to see beautiful images of Nihi, check

Nihi Sumba has become the largest employer on the island. The Sumba Foundation, an organization engaged in projects aimed uplifting the local community receives a portion of the profits from the resort, as a way of giving back to the community.

Displayed across various places in the resort are antiques made from local wood reflecting traditional Sumbanese lifestyle and art.

Along the vast outdoor and indoor entertainment arena, a beach spa is also within reach. Spa services can also be done privately in the rooms.

There is a long list of activities that patrons can engage in including horse riding trips in the beach, yoga and surfer classes and excursions to nearby waterfalls.

By investing the Nihiwatu, Chris Burch added to his portfolio of assets an invaluable piece that he says belongs to his children. The 64-year-old is the founder of Burch Creative, an investment management firm that also carries out brand development.

Over the years, Burch has invested in several successful ventures and is listed in Forbes 100 Billionaires. His business interests span across various fields including real estate, fashion, and technology. Burch was among the first group of people who believed and invested the Internet Capital Group and has also invested in telecommunications through Aliph and Powemat companies.  Hop over to to have a look at Burch’s recent timeline activities.

Mr. Burch has always been committed to the rule of branding, and currently applies his enthusiastic sense of marketing and sales to business wellbeing spanning apparel, financial services, hospitality, technology and consumer products.  Check to see Burch’s latest cool contribution to the market.

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A graduate of Ithaca College, Burch has over the years gained entrepreneurship experience for which is widely consulted especially in marketing and creating successful brands.  For added details about Burch, visit his website, click

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Chris Burch – An Experienced Entrepreneur

According to the Travel + Leisure Magazine, Nihi Sumba Island, which is also known as Nihiwatu was voted the best hotel two times. It even beat Brando, a luxurious island resort in the Indonesia. The 5-star hotel was built by Chris Burch, a fashion mogul who is known for founding internationally recognized fashion brands. In 2012, James McBride and Burch bought a beach hostel along the island of Indonesia. The two spent more than $30 million to renovate the resort, which they later reopen in 2015 as a 5-star resort.   More of this on  According to the fashion mogul, they bought the beach hostel as a piece that can be preserved and later on give returns to the society.

About Chris Burch

Mr. Chris Burch is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of BCC (Burch Creative Capital). The company was founded based on the expression of the investment philosophy of Chris Burch. The investment philosophy revolves around the application of imagination, incubation, new market opportunities, creativity, and positive impact on consumers. Check   He is also an active investor in many businesses ranging from industries to fashion brand. Mr. Chris devoted his career in fashion branding and is currently applying his sense of sales and marketing to business interests including technology, hospitality, financial services, and consumer products. In 2014, Chris partnered with DeGeneres to introduce a lifestyle brand known as ED. Later in 2015, Chris also launched Cocoon9, special prefab homes with contemporary design and sophisticated furnishes.  For Burch latest cool offering in the market, click

Chris Burch has more than 40 years of experience as an entrepreneur and investor. His experience has helped many companies achieve their goals. By combing the understanding of the behavior of consumers with international experience, Burch has built a good track record of linking businesses with innovative ideas. For example, Creative Capital has a diverse investment portfolio. The company is supporting many lifestyles and consumer products ranging from home furnishing, apparel, retail, to hospitality.

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Besides being an entrepreneur, Mr. Chris Burch is also an active philanthropist. He was a board member of RIOF (Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation). He was also the former President of PHCB (Pierre Hotel Co-op Board). Burch has also contributed a lot of funds toward charitable initiatives for several foundations such as Sumba Foundation, Mt. Sinai Hospital, and CASW (China Association of Social Work).

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Goethe’s Air Conditioning Service is Premier

Most people who are based in the Southwest might understand what Goettl is because the name is a popular one there. As an HVAC provider, Goettl is able to make a difference for all of their customers. They do what they can to provide different opportunities and to make things better for all of their clients. They are also able to provide installation and maintenance services on all of the air conditioning and heating services that they provide to their clients. This is something that has allowed them to continue doing business and has enabled them to become one of the best HVAC contractors in the entire Phoenix area.

Since Goettl has been in business, they have been providing their services to all of their clients. They want to show them that not all contractors are the same and that there is a difference between a great HVAC contractor and one who does not know what he is doing. Goettl knows what they are doing and they work hard to provide people with all of the options that they need no matter what they have going on in the area that they are in or the business that they work to be able to provide services to.

Goettl is popular in the Southwest because most people who are in these areas rely on air conditioning to survive. It is necessary for them to have air conditioners because of how hot it gets in that area. Without them, it would be too hot for them to be able to survive and they would not be able to live comfortably. Goettl wants to make sure that everyone has what they need in each of the situations that they are in with their heating and air conditioning needs for their own residential or commercial space.

Goettl has always gone above and beyond with their customer service. When they were manufacturing their own air conditioning units, they provided people with the exact options that they needed. They also gave them all of the different things that would make a difference and that gave them the chance to make things better for themselves and their clients. Since Goettl knows what they are doing and can provide this service to their clients, they are confident that they will be able to continue helping them into the future whether they do their own manufacturing or use other manufacturers.


Clay Siegall Tackles Cancer Head On

According to a statistic that was recently released by the National Cancer Institute, over the course of a lifetime, about forty percent of people today will be diagnosed with some form of cancer. Dr. Clay Siegall, co-founder, and CEO of Seattle Genetics took his company to new heights in recent years by championing research concerning the development of therapeutic drugs to be used in the treatment of diseases with high rates of mortality. The general focus of Dr. Siegall and the staff at Seattle Genetics has been geared at using revolutionary scientific techniques to attack these existing diseases. In the oncology biotechnology area, Dr. Siegall is considered a leader and an innovator, and he has recently been delving into the virtually untapped market of antibody-drug conjugates, which in his estimation, will do wonders for those suffering from cancer. Antibody drug conjugates can be used to target specific conditions much more efficiently than many drugs that are currently on the market; this has made them frontrunners in the war against cancer and other serious diseases. Hodgkin’s lymphoma, an extremely common form of cancer that attacks the immune system and white blood cells, affects over 70,000 people each year. Antibody drug conjugates have been seen as major prospects for the treatment of Hodgkin’s lymphoma, as well as other common types of lymphoma. Recently Clay Siegall and his team at Seattle Genetics entered into a partnership with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited in an effort to increase commercial distribution. Together they have created ADCetris, which is currently distributed to over 60 countries around the world. While ADCetris has already been effective at treating lymphoma, Dr. Siegall, along with Seattle Pharmaceuticals and Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited, have been working on making the drug more effective in treating acute myeloid leukemia.

Dr. Clay Siegall, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Seattle Genetics, has been heavily involved in heading cancer treatment research and therapeutic drug development. Prior to founding Seattle Genetics in 1997, Dr. Siegall worked for Bristol-Meyers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute beginning in 1991. He has won several awards for the advancements made in his field, including the Pierce Award.


Serial Entrepreneur Chris Burch Builds World’s Best Hotel In A Secluded Indonesian Island

For two years in a row, Travel & Leisure has called shots for Nihi Sumba Island, Indonesia, for being the best hotel worldwide, triumphing over Obama’s vacation spot, Brando. Entrepreneur Mogul Chris Burch, famous for his other ventures including C. Wonder and Tory Burch, is the architect behind the luxury island. Merging efforts with James McBride, the two spent $30 million remodeling the former beach hostel and turned it into a five-star resort.

Burch, during an interview with Business Jet Traveler, confirmed that his reason for buying the beach hotel was to have a chance to preserve something, give back to the community, and also for his children. He wanted a new experience, something not familiar to other places. A chance to have a butler in every room or even have a spa built under a waterfall. As stated by Wall Street Journal, Burch is spoilt for choice as he can either spend time in Miami, the Hamptons, or in his resort in Nihi.  Check this interview of Burch on

About Nihi

Nihi means a mortar stone, and the name comes from a particular rock formation from the tides. It is on the west coast of Sumba, a secluded island in Indonesia. It currently has 27 private villas, with a rate of $750 per night during low seasons. Every villa has plunge pools. Raja Mendaka, Burch’s home, is one of the villas, and for one to spend a night in Burch’s’ house whose plunge pool has a view towards the Indian Ocean, they pay $14,000.

Burch and McBride first bought the beach hostel in 2012 from a New Jersey Couple, remodeling to what is now Nihi in 2015. They had first named it Nihiwatu. Since its opening, it has offered many job opportunities to the local population. A fraction of profits gained by the hotel goes to the Sumba Foundation, an organization geared towards helping the local community through funding projects.

Nihi has a beach spa, wellness center, waterfall excursions and being a surfer’s paradise; one may also enjoy surfing at a fee of $125 during the high season. Those in need of surfing lessons get it at a price of $250.   More to read on

Soon, Burch and McBride are planning to set up resorts in Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

About Chris Burch

Mr. Burch is a serial entrepreneur. Having started in 1976, he has extensive experience in investment. Chris is the CEO of Burch Creative Capital and has geared towards the success of many brands such as Voss water and Popping. Check on this to read more about Burch and his company.  His entrepreneurial journey started when he was still an undergraduate. Together with his brother Bob, they invested $20,000 to start up Eagle Eye, later sold at $165 million to Swire Group.

Burch has a keen sense of marketing and sales. He has an appetite for new market opportunities and strives towards making a positive and lasting impact on the consumer through coming up with compelling brands and businesses. For an update on Burch timeline activities, hit

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Greg Secker: the Trader with a Giving Heart

Greg Secker has been a big player in forex trading for a while now. He proudly owns one of the biggest companies engaging in forex trading training in the world; Learn to Trade. However, he does realize that he was not always the trader he is today, and at certain points, in his trading journey, he could have used some help. As such, he chooses to be the help for others offering valuable advice and training to everyday people that need it.

As per Secker, forex trading has never been as easy as it is today. While the risks and rewards involved in the business have persisted, there are numerous tools and procedures available to maximize rewards and minimize risk. Starting off is quite easy today as one can open an account with profession retail brokers with as little as $250. Further, with forex trading increasingly growing in popularity (close to $5 trillion is traded in forex markets on a daily basis), the possible returns are only likely to get high.

Greg Secker is proof that disciplined forex trading can work. The University of Nottingham graduate was already a multimillionaire by the age of 28 and on his to form his first company, Learn to Trade. He managed to build his fortune following years of diligent trading that started off with only a few thousand dollars. Since then, Secker has sought to inform to teach others about what he knows so that they may also be successful. Through, Learn to Trade, he organizes numerous workshops at which people are imparted with the necessary tools needed to become successful in forex trading.

Secker’s entrepreneurial endeavors extend far beyond Learn to Trade. He has since gone on to form two additional companies under the Action Group. One of the companies, Capital Index, is a fully licensed brokerage firm that deals in all financial instruments, not just foreign exchange. The other company, SmartCharts, provides novice and experienced traders with a practical and effective trading platform. The platform’s functionalities and interface make it easier to sift through complex data and arrive at the best trading decisions.